Chinese New Ye[1]ar

Unfortunately I have no money and I am looking for ideas as to what I can do over the break.... What can I do? Has anyone had [2]dinner in Shanghai at a great place recently?

Simon May: Wash cars and earn some more money!

Sarah Toa: Come over to the Toa’s and cook some dinner!

Tie Watkins: Burger King at Pudong Airport



hi my name is lisa and I would like to meet new friends[4]

Sunny: That is cool!

Sarah Toa: Bring cute Adam

I am six feet five and 45 kgs and I like long walks on polluted streets and I am a

really slow typer



Mr. Willis is totally yummy“The US and the European data is implying an improvement in their economies : while it's quite obvious that China's growth bottomed out around about the third quarter last year and is also improving” - Michael Workman[5]

I am going to Kaiba Bar

“Probably the biggest thing that will affect markets this year is one's belief in the sustainability of the Chinese recovery” - Colin Moore[6]


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[5] "Markets expect RBA to hold fire." <>