Sandwich High School Athletics Boosters (SHSAB)

Funding Request Form

High School Sport(s) (List sports that will benefit from this funding.):

Funds Requested by (Include name of coach submitting this request, and contact phone number in the event that questions are raised regarding funding. If you have received assistance from your SHSAB team rep, please indicate name/number. ):

Coach’s Name: ___________________________ Phone Number: ______________

SHSAB Member: __________________________ Phone Number: ______________

Item(s) Requested (List requested item(s). Provide total amount of funds requested for each item separately. Total request must include shipping and handling if applicable. Attach any competitive price quotes.):

Item #1: ______________________________  Total Price:  $ _______________

Item #2: ______________________________  Total Price:  $ _______________

Supporting Justification (Use this space to briefly describe why the request is important.)

Other source of funds: (Please indicate whether item(s) listed above will be funded in part by other sources of funds such as team sponsored fundraisers, school department funding, etc.)

Item ______________________ Source of funds _____________________ Amount $ ______________

Item ______________________ Source of funds _____________________ Amount $ ______________

Authorizing signature of Athletic Administrator (All funding requests MUST be signed by the Athletic Administrator in order to be considered for funding by the Sandwich High School Athletics Boosters.)

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Please contact the SHSAB Executive Board to secure a place on the Meeting Agenda: 

Revised Spring, 2016