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                Class Participation Rubric

Satisfactory (5 points)

Needs Development (3 points)

Unsatisfactory (1 point)


Actively and respectfully listens to peers and instructor

Sometimes displays lack of interest in comments of others

Students displays lack of interest toward others

Actively Engages in Project Assignments (Bar Graph and Poll)

Student stays on task and tries hard to complete the assignment within a timely manner

Student stays on task most of the time and completes the assignment after the other students

Student is not on task at all and does not complete the assignment

Quality of Contributions

Comments are relevant and reflect understanding of: assigned text(s), previous remarks of other students, and insights about assigned material

Comments sometimes irrelevant, betray lack of preparation, or indicate lack of attention to previous remarks of other students

Comments reflect little understanding of either the assignment or previous remarks in class

Frequency of Participation

Actively participates at appropriate times

Sometimes participates but at other times is “turned out”

Seldom participates and is generally not engaged

Bar Graph and Worksheet is Correctly  Completed or Student Actively Tries to Complete it

Student completes the bar graph and worksheet and it is done correctly or tries very hard to complete it the right way

Student completes the bar graph and worksheet but it is not done correctly

Student does not complete the bar graph or worksheet

_________________/25 – Overall Grade