Superheroes V.S. Randomness


Previously on Superheroes V.S. Randomness, he picked up the device and on the back it said, “Warning: Leads to parallel universe.” Tushu clicked it anyways, They were on a different universe that looked like Earth but everything was backwards. Tushu dropped the device. Tushu asked Adrian Grey if he could fix the parallel device. But first Adrian Grey asked them if they could help him with his partner, Drake Whitman. Drake said he had seen Santa Claus when he was little but had a bad experience with Santa. Adrian Grey was Santa Claus and he tried to kill Drake. “A long time ago, Drake threatened to kill my family if I didn’t rob from the bank of London. He knew I was Santa Claus and he knew I was jolly enough to take the blame. I went to the Bank and met Drake there. I knew I had to kill him or I would ruin my whole reputation as Santa Claus scaring people for life, so I pulled the trigger on my gun but the bullet wouldn’t come out and he ran away before I could even kill him. This is why I need your help, so he doesn’t see my face. Plus, Drake has one of the tools that you need to fix your parallel device.” Adrian pleaded. Tushu agreed to go, soon the four finished packing and started off on their journey. The four found Drake and asked him if he would come along with them and help them fix the device and Drake agreed and they left Drake’s house reloaded with food. They remembered there was a mountain called, “Peaks of Death.”  They decided it would be best if they went through there instead. Tushu went to his backpack to see the route back home but he couldn’t find the map! They were lost!

They were freaking out, they had no solution. Their phones were out of charge and they were stuck in the middle of nowhere. They couldn’t find anybody around them so they decided to split up and look for somebody. The first thing Tushu saw was a dog and Tushu went over to pet him. He asked Adrian if he should keep him and he was fine with that. Vihaan found the map they had lost. Unfortunately, it was ripped to in half so they kept looking for the map and some people. They did not find anybody so they decided to camp out for the night and eat the food prepared. They decided to tell scary stories. In the morning, they kept exploring and found the “Peaks of Death”. They decided to explore through it and Drake pushed Adrian causing all the gang except Drake to become sick and have to go to the hospital while Drake ran away from the 4. 3 days later, the hospital's beat rate machine went off staying at a constant tempo. A doctor came in and said, “They are dying, we need medical attention!”

All the doctors in the hospital came in and put many needles into each of them but nothing worked. It had been 1 minute since they were standing but it was too late there was no way they could come back. Only one person has ever survived without breathing for that long. They started to bring in the sheets to cover them. One by one they woke up when the doctors were gone, they were gasping for air. They were relieved they were in the hospital again and were safe but they had to get home. They struggled to get off the bed but they went to the front desk and tried to steal the hospital’s phones without anyone noticing and they searched up how to get to Santa’s Secret Warehouse. On this phone there was an ad before they could see the route. The ad was a contest going on to find the letters that spell "DNCE" in cheez-it containers and win a free private concert from them.

They found N. As they search through tons of cheez-it containers, Tushu suggested not letting the unused cheez-its go to waste. He decided to take it to the park and give it to the kids. While they all know that Tushu means well, Vihaan tried to warn him that this could be misinterpreted as pedophilia. However, Revy, was amused by what the kids' mothers might do, and urges Vihaan to just let Tushu go. After a while, the gang are out of cheez-its, and Vihaan mentioned that Adrian went to buy cheez-its and may have been almost there. As expected, Tushu returned after having been assaulted by protective mothers. Adrian returned and told them to check DNCE's newest update, and they found out that a guy from Northridge already won the contest and the contest is over.

The next day, Adrian told the gang DNCE revealed that the guy lied and the contest is now officially back on.

They went through many packets of cheez-its but are only able to obtain letters D, N, and E. They figure that the hardest letter, C, will be in the least popular place to buy cheez-its race to the Quickie Mart to find only one container containing an E. Tushu found a girl eating a packet of cheez-its then Tushu asks for the container, but she ignores them. Eventually, she agreed after Adrian promised to pay her $30. Vihaan accidentally spills out something about the concert. She saw the letter found at the bottom of the carton. But the little girl wanted to make another deal, to come in the private concert and the four boys kiss her.

They went home and saw DNCE perform their latest single, toothbrush. The little girl now asks the boys for their kiss, but they trick her by locking her out of the house because they didn’t want to kiss her. Adrian’s brother sees the little girl locked out and feels bad for her and lets her in, the girl tells him what the boys did to her. Adrian’s brother offered a kiss. The girl was disgusted and left.


Coming August 24, 2016

Find out in Superheroes V.S. Randomness Part 5 how Tushu, Vihaan, and Revy go home.