Beginner Band Bowling!


After each concert, we will be celebrating the students’ hard work by taking them bowling. Our students have worked so hard and achieved so much. We are going to have Bowling Parties the evening of Tuesday, May 28! The cost is $20.

Students will be delivered by parents to the Bowling Alley in Fort St. John for a start time of 5:00 pm, and picked up for an end time of 7:00 pm. We highly encourage family to stay! Please bring food to share for a pot-luck dinner; please bring a card detailing what ingredients were used so that allergy issues are attended to.  

We would also love to have some parents and siblings to join us in the fun… get out there and show your kids how bowling is supposed to be done!  (Or not done…….)

Please return this form and $20 so we can let the Bowling Alley know how many to expect.

I __________________________________ give my child ___________________________

permission to go bowling on May 28.

In case of emergency, my child’s care card number is ________________________.

I can be contacted at ________________________.

If you cannot contact me, please contact ________________________ at ________________________.

☐         I have included $20 with this permission form.

☐         I can bring ________________________ to share at the potluck dinner.

☐         I can join in with the festivities.  

☐         I have my SD 60 criminal records check on file.

☐         My child cannot attend the bowling night due to other obligations.