Make Learning Cool: Create Fun, Personalized Emojis

Everyone knows what emojis are, right? We use these cute faces to express our feelings, impressions, thoughts in a more fun, visual way. And because they’re so popular they are omnipresent in almost every aspect of our everyday life. We use them in digital communication with our friends and families, companies use them in marketing campaigns, they even became part of the fashion. So why not integrate these recognizable visuals in education and make learning cool and popular? Today’s kids and youth are all digital natives and they will definitively find emojis to be super fun for many learning activities and educational projects.

Emojis can help students to unleash their creativity. Imagine how excited they would be if they could emojify themselves; make a selfie and then add funny emoji elements to their faces to emphasize their facial expressions. Or create an emoji that reflects how they did in a particular lesson. Teachers can also use them for grading their students.

Hence, having a tool that lets you create your own emojis for a various purposes and occasions is a win-win for both students and educators. This can all be accomplished with Labeley Emojis tool. It is an online tool, completely free and very simple to use. Anyone can use it, regardless their age and create as many emojis as they like without even signing in.

Step-by-step tutorial for creating emoji designs with Labeley:

Step 1: Select the emoji shape you like the best.


Step 2: Add background color to your emoji design.


Step 3: Next, go ahead and play with the various emoji elements: choose eyes, mouth, eyebrows, glasses, noses, cheeks etc. You can also add text to your emoji or upload any photo from your computer and turn it into an emoji.


Step 4: When you’re done with your emoji, you can save it by clicking on the Save Label button located in the upper right corner.


Step 5: Your emoji will be saved in the My Designs sections and it will appear on the left side of the screen. You can now download it by right-clicking on the emoji and selecting the Save as option.


Simple as that! Go ahead and create emojis for any project or activity and emojify your classroom!