Once upon a time in Avondale on a Saturday at 6:00 am in the morning it all happened.  It was a rather windy day, on a quiet street next to a park when Ben, Carl and Jonathan decided to go to the park to hit a tennis ball with a baseball bat at the park. Their parents are good friends and trusted all the boys because they are all very responsible, so didn’t really care about what time they go to a place.  But they only cared if it’s a safe place.  

When they arrived, there was a gang there that put their belongings everywhere.  So the boys moved the gang’s belongings to where they were.  For some reason they were very angry so they punched Ben in the face.  He ignored it at first then the second time he shouted “STOP!” But they didn’t listen so the third time they punched him. Ben got the baseball bat and destroyed all their faces.  “Well done!” Carl and Jonathan exclaimed.  “Thanks,” Ben said. They decided to go home and leave the gang’s unconscious bodies there.

Suddenly a dark portal sucked the boys and gang in, the boys got teleported 34 years into the future and they got teleported 16 years in the past.  When got teleported there, they had a note that said if you want to return to 2016, you have to act normally for one day, at a time limit of one week.  If you succeed you will be able to keep and remember your achievements, possessions and memories, if you fail you will stay in your dimension forever or you can chose to stay in your dimension forever by drinking the bottled water when you got here.  

The gang thought it was so terrible.  So they acted normally for six days straight.  Each day they acted normally, the people of the town were so kind to them so the gang thought, “Hey life is good here! and if we act normally and we don't it, we could get teleported home.  So let's drink the bottled water and have a great life and become very kind people.”

On the other hand, Jonathan went researching about the technology here while Carl and Ben went and did very weird things.  Five days and 23 hours, Carl and Ben didn’t like this dimension because they didn’t know anything about it. Jonathan, his fantasy came true but he knew he could share this vital information back in 2016.  In that hour Jonathan managed to teach Carl and Ben how to act normally.  The next day the boys successfully acted normally for the day and returned to 2016.  Jonathan shared the vital information.  Carl and Ben went back to what they usually do.  So the boys live happily ever after.