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Position:  Time Bank Administrator

The Time Bank of Thrive Lake County is seeking a candidate or candidates for the position of Time Bank Administrator.

This position may be filled by either a single person, or multiple persons coordinating their activities with one another (see “Other Duties”).

Core Duties:

The duties of the Time Bank Administrator will typically include, but may not be limited to:

Other Duties:

These are duties that may be performed by either the administrator, or other time bank members, and that do not require access to private or sensitive information:


All candidates must possess the following skills:

In addition to the above, the ideal candidate might possess any of the following skills/interests:

The time demands of this position can vary greatly, particularly depending on how the activities in “Other Duties” are assigned.  A minimum of 20 hours per month, and as much as 70 hours per month of your time may be required depending on member activity, and the responsibilities you actually assume after discussions with the board.

Compensation will be in the form of a fixed, monthly credit in hours, the amount of which will be negotiated.

Time Bank members who are interested in sharing their skills and services with the membership in the capacity of a Time Bank Administrator should contact us at:

to schedule an initial interview, either via phone, or perhaps as a face to face meeting somewhere in Lakeport.