Type of meeting                Board Meeting, Placerville Natural Foods Co-op        

Date and Time                November 30th 2015, 6:28 – 8:06 pm

Place                                PNFC upstairs meeting room

Facilitator                        John Le Pouvior                

Note taker                        Alan Fuller

Attendees                        John Le Pouvoir, Ruthie Loeffelbein, Pam        Roberts,                                 Doug Speakman, Brad Salmon

Absent                        Karen Wolfenden, Robynn Paxton Katz

Guests _                        none

John convened the meeting at 6:28 PM, when a quorum was present.

The minutes of the last meeting were not available due to the absence of the secretary.

Motion by Pam, second by Doug, to approve new members 1423 through 1442, passed unanimously.

Open Dialog:

Pam asked about the dark sign in front of the store.  Brad said it’s an electrical problem, possibly having to do with the automatic timer.  Repairs may require an experienced electrician with a hydraulic hoist, and right now there’s no money to pay for that.  It was suggested board members could make local inquiries about electricians who might be able to do this work when we can pay for it.

Discussion of letter to CDS Consulting about our experience with an interim G.M.  After suggestions by Board members, John said he would make revisions, and consult with Brad, before the letter is sent.

Discussion of CDS consulting, billing, fees, and discounts.  After discussion, motion by Doug, second by Ruthie, to contact CBLD and inform them we choose not to renew the contract for the calendar year 2016.  Motion passed unanimously.

GM monthly update report:  

Brad answered some questions from the Board regarding the spread-sheets he had distributed prior to the meeting.  The wellness and deli are the highest-profit depart-ments and the fastest growing.  We need repairs and replacement of equipment but   we cannot afford it now.  The same problem applies to the inadequate POS system.    We have no cash to invest.  However, we’re very close to the end of this cycle, and by the end of January we should be okay – barring the unforeseen.

Ruthie gave a glowing report on the craft fair:  the facilities were excellent and everything went great.

Discussion of the possibility of revising the by-laws and articles to allow sales of preferred shares.  No action was taken, but John will look into it further.

Discussion of Annual Planning Calendar.  There was consensus agreement that quarterly reports will be made available at the board meeting at the end of the second month following the close of the quarter.  There were a number of questions about other items on the calendar.  John said the schedule he had distributed is a template with many items that do not apply to us.  He will revise the calendar based on tonight’s discussion, and present it to the board later.

After discussion, during which the GM was not present at the meeting, motion by Doug, second by Pam, to reimburse Brad $2500.00 for moving expenses, passed unanimously.

There was discussion about how to get more people acquainted with the store.  Doug suggested using the upstairs room for classes, cooking demonstrations etc.  Doug will get reports from Sacramento Co-op of their experience with this type of activity, and their suggestions.

John will draft a “From the Board” article and circulate it to board members for comments.

Next meeting is scheduled for 28 December 2015, at 6 PM.

Motion by Pam, second by Ruthie to adjourn the meeting at 8:06 PM.