World’s Worst Pet app Level D

Words defined in the unit

Synonymous words & phrases used, & antonyms

Other vocabulary

Theme & final writing assignment

Set 1

1. challenge

2. champion

3. coach

4. compete

5. defeat

6. drill

7. match

8. opponent

9. qualify

10. rival

1. dare; test ability of; hard task; simple task; easy work

2. winner; best player; loser; team in last place; player in last place

3. lead; train; guide

4. challenge others; fight against; be in a contest; give up; fail to try

5. beat; crush

6. give practice; train

7. contest; game

8. rival; enemy; teammate; supporter

9. pass the test; meet the requirements; fail; miss out on

10. opponent; someone who competes; teammate



home team


Words about playing to win

If you play a sport, should you always play to win? Why or why not? State your opinion clearly and support it with two to three reasons. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 2

1. character

2. event

3. fiction

4. imaginary

5. narrator

6. plot

7. problem

8. realistic

9. setting

10. summarize

1. person or animal in a story

2. what happens next; something that happens; action

3. tale; story; nonfiction; information

4. made up; not real, real; true; actual

5. voice telling the story; storyteller

6. “beginning, middle, end”; series of events; story action

7. trouble; challenge; solution

8. seems so true; seeming real; like real life; lifelike;  imaginary; like a fantasy; unrealistic

9. “here, there, now, then”; time and place; where and when

10. sum up; give the main points


dishonest; dreamy; an adventure tale; something imagined; story problem; like a fantasy; extraordinary; tall tale; fable


written facts; dictionary; report; actual;


author; artist; living person; evening;

report ; actual; like an author; like a narrator; lifelike; honest; dishonest; hopeful; summarize; lifeless; reader; pretender; problem solver; details about characters; story ending; retelling; main idea; not alike; settlement; realize; imagine; reread; think of questions; make longer; ordinary; topic; information; any book;

Talking about stories

Write about an author. Choose one who writes fiction. Tell about the characters in this author’s stories. Tell about the plots and other events in his or her stories. Include details about his or her life. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 3

1. current

2. cycle

3. frequent

4. instant

5. interval

6. momentary

7. period

8. permanent

9. present

10. temporary

1. modern; present; latest; old; out of date

2. circle of events; repeating steps

3. common; usual; happening often; uncommon; unusual; infrequent

4. moment; second; flash of time

5. break; pause; period

6. short; for an instant; lasting; long; permanent

7. stretch of time, unit of time, interval

8. lasting; unchanging

9. now; at this moment; the current period; past

10. short-term; for now; long-term; permanent

Words about time passing

Write an informational essay.

Research the life cycle of a plant or animal. Learn about how long each stage in the animal life takes. Use facts, definitions, and details to tell more about the topic. Use at least four words from the Words About Time Passing list.

Set 4

1. aroma

2. devour

3. gnaw

4. guzzle

5. hot

6. appetite

7. run-of-the-mill

8. satisfied

9. scrumptious

10. spoiled

1. perfume; a good smell; pleasant odor

2. gobble; gulp down; feast; guzzle

3. bite on; chew; chomp

4. drink quickly; swallow quickly; gulp; sip; drink slowly

5. spicy; peppery; fiery; burning; mild; weak

6. hunger; a need for food

7. common; everyday; ordinary; regular; extraordinary; special; amazing; unusual

8. full; hungry; starving

9. delicious; tasty; yummy; very good; disgusting; yucky; not good

10. rotten; sour; bad; moldy; unspoiled; fresh

Adjectives to describe food

greasy; slippery; stinky; weak; creamy; mild; awful; fresh; perfect;

Other adjectives

sad; wet; dry; normal; quiet; cloudy; sunny; empty; dripping; full; unusual; normal; unhappy; cuddly; cute; funny; rubbery; rusty; hungry; sleepy; cheerful; calm; strong; soft; loud; sleepy; fuzzy; slow; beautiful; kind

Verbs related to eating

nibble; snack; taste; smell; share;

Other verbs

sit; run quickly; drive slowly; stand; spray

Other nouns

fur; arrow; sound; hug

Chow Time!
What's the best dish to eat at home? Why is it so great? State your opinion clearly and support it with two or three reasons. Use at least four words from the Chow Time! list. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 5

1. clarify

2. comment

3. contribute

4. converse

5. formal

6. informal

7. participate

8. reply

9. respectful

10. suggestion

1. explain; make clear; confuse; make unclear

2. say; remark; mention

3. give; add; provide; take; receive

4. talk; chat; discuss

5. strict; organized; informal; easygoing; casual

6. relaxed; friendly; easygoing; casual; strict; formal

7. join; share; contribute

8. answer; respond; ask; question; request

9. polite; thoughtful; showing respect; impolite, disrespectful; rude

10. idea; comment; advice

surprise; sharpen; make smaller; speak; shout; discuss; forget; reward; suppose; give; steady; usual; respectful; clear; forgetful; relaxed; chatty; messy; spoken; clear; replay; display; explain; write; sharpen; polite; unsteady; correct; organized;

Words About Speaking and Listening

What are some good rules about talking in a classroom? State your opinion clearly and give reasons to explain why each rule is good. Use at least four words from the Words About Speaking and Listening list. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 6

1. abroad

2. destination

3. discover

4. distant

5. experience

6. passenger

7. safari

8. tourist

9. varied

10. wander

1. in a distant land, in another country; at home

2. landing spot; goal; starting point

3. find; learn

4. far away; far off; near; close by

5. event; happening

6. traveler; rider

7. trip; journey

8. visitor; sightseer

9. different; changing; same; unchanging

10. roam; take a stroll; stay put; settle

on a journey; on the road; on a boat; on a train;

interested in travel; varied; with a guide; route; stairway; exit; cover again; remain; lose; hide; fall; neighborly; worn out; required; varied ; house; vehicle; pet; thought; a strange thing; animal; guide; map; vehicle; hotel; popular spot; destination; travel; broken; guided; tasty; alike; distant; think; perform magic; leap; march in step; stay home; overseas; everywhere; in a new place; travel postcard; goal; distant point; experience ; interrupted; quiet; hard to see; not yet discovered; colorful; unlike; correct; understanding; dream; leave home; discuss


driver; pilot; hiker; artist; librarian; tourist; host;


It’s Time To Travel

Suppose you could take a trip anywhere in the world. Choose the best destination for this trip. It could be a continent, a country, or a city. State your opinion clearly and give reasons to explain your choice. Use at least four words from the list It's Time to Travel.

Set 7

1. brilliant

2. dazzle

3. flare

4. flicker

5. glisten

6. glowing

7. multicolored

8. pale

9. reflect

10. shade

1. bright; dazzling; sparkling; faded; pale; dim

2. shine; impress; blind with light

3. flash; burst into flames; shine suddenly; die down; calm down

4. blink; twinkle; flash on and off

5. sparkle; shine; twinkle; look dull

6. shining; gleaming; giving off light; dark; unlit

7. having varied colors; colorless

8. whitish; dim; faded

9. bounce back; act like a mirror

10. darkness level; color

smooth and shiny; on fire; sharp and clear; colorful; blaze; lighten the shade; reflect light; brighten; give off heat and light ; speak; appear smooth; having one color; reddish; striped; woven; brightly colored; very cold; washed; waving; show through glass; perform; complete; whiten; cool down; stop suddenly; watch out for; burn out of control; cause clicking; look carefully; burst into flames; astonish; cool down; perform; making darker; bursting into flames; multicolored; changing color; becoming pale; having one color; like clear glass; sunny; shadowy; unhappy; brightly lit; brighten; burst into flames; add color; shine suddenly; darken; artwork; reflected light; a blaze; a multicolored object

Lights, Color, Action!

Write a story about an event that happens on a bright sunny day. It could be made-up or something that actually happened. Tell what people think or feel. Use descriptions. Did the light dazzle you? Did it reflect on anything? Use at least four words from the list Lights, Color, Action!.

Set 8

  1. 1. attractive
  2. 2. decay
  3. 3. deodorize
  4. 4. filthy
  5. 5. foul
  6. 6. groom
  7. 7. infect

  1. 8. mangy
  2. 9. scour
  3. 10. sterilize

1.  pretty; lovely; pleasing; beautiful; ugly; unattractive; displeasing

2. rot; spoil; become moldy

3. clean; freshen; make something smell good

4. foul; very dirty; soiled; grubby; increase; enlarge; make bigger; add to

5. very dirty; filthy; polluted; clean; pure

6. to make neat; to brush and comb; to make tidy

7. to make sick; to give someone a disease; to pass a disease to; to make ill

8. shabby; scruffy; old and worn-out; neat; new-looking; in good shape

9. clean; scrub; polish; wash well; make dirty; soil

10. clean thoroughly; rid of germs; make pure; disinfect; infect; pollute; make dirty; foul










Words for Asking “Clean?” or “Dirty?

Write about a time when you cleaned something that was filthy. What did you do? How long did it take? Tell what happened and what people thought or felt. Use descriptions and dialogue. Use at least four words from the list Words for Asking "Clean?" or "Dirty?".

Set 9

1. average

2. capacity

3. decrease

4. extend

5. gigantic

6. increase

7. miniature

8. minimum

9. puny

10. reduce

1. usual; normal; regular; special; unusual; not normal

2. amount that a thing holds

3. lessen; become less or smaller; subtract from; reduce; increase; enlarge; add to

4. make a thing last longer; lengthen; shorten; reduce

5. very large; huge; enormous; tiny; very small; little

6. become bigger; become greater; add to; enlarge; decrease; reduce; make smaller; lessen

7. very small; tiny; really little; big; huge; gigantic

8. least; fewest; smallest; most; maximum; greatest

9. weak and small; thin and weak; strong and big; gigantic; powerful

10. decrease; lessen; become less; subtract from; increase; enlarge; make bigger; add to









Words That Tell More or Less

Should we increase or decrease the amount of time students spend in school? State your opinion clearly and support it with two or three reasons. Use at least four words from the list Words That Tell More or Less.

Set 10

1. disqualify

2. disrespectful

3. dissatisfied

4. eventually

5. impression

6. qualifications

7. respectfully

8. uneventful

9. unimpressed

10. unsatisfying



3. satisfied; having enough





8. eventful; exciting

9. impressed, awed

10. satisfying; pleasing

Base forms: qualify, respect, event, impress, satisfy; usually;

sat; unseat; satis; fying; unsatis; even; vent; ally; entual; quantity; life; act; cation; ficat; dis; squall; alify; disqualified; disquale; spectful; full; resp; special; diss; sat; sate; tisfied; spectful; fully; respe; pect; expect; uni; pressed; imp; unimp; nimpre; imp; prison; ression; pression; session

Base Words, Prefixes and Suffixes

Write a made-up story about a kid who finds everything unsatisfying.  But eventually something makes a good impression. What finally impressed this kid? Use descriptions and dialogue. Use at least four words from the list Base Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes.

Set 11

1. examine

2. faint

3. focus

4. gaze

5. glance

6.  image

7. inspect

8. invisible

9. lens

10. visualize

1. inspect; look over closely; look at carefully; ignore; fail to see

2. difficult to see; hardly visible; faded; very light in color;  clear; obvious; easy to see

3. adjust to see clearly; sharpen a view; make vision clear;  blur; make unclear; make fuzzy

4. stare; look at for a long time;  ignore; look away

5. look at for a moment; peek; see for a second;

6. likeness; picture; photo

7. examine; look at carefully; ignore; fail to see

8. not visible; unseen; hidden; visible; obvious; in sight; in view

9. eyeglass

10. see in your mind; imagine; picture



dance wildly








Did You See That?

How do eyeglasses help people see better? Research how eyeglasses work.  Then use facts, definitions, and details to explain how they help people see better. Use at least four words from the list Did You See That?

Set 12

1.     beware

2.     cautious

3.     frighten

4.     gruesome

5.     horrid

6.     horror

7.     nervous

8.     screech

9.     stun

10.  terrified

1. be cautious; be watchful; be careful; watch out for; ignore danger; be careless

2. watchful; careful; incautious; careless; not careful; reckless

3. scare; shock; terrify; upset; calm

4. awful; shocking; frightful; terrible; nice; pleasant; pleasing; lovely

5. terrible; very unpleasant; pleasant; pleasing; enjoyable; fun

6. fear; enjoyment; delight

7. worried; upset; fearful; uneasy; calm; relaxed; fearless; unworried

8. a squeal; a loud piercing sound; a scream; a cry

9. amaze; surprise; shock

10. frightened; scared; afraid; shocked; calm; unafraid; fearless

be kind


be impressed














Words for When You Are Scared

Write a made-up story about being frightened. Tell what characters think or feel. Use descriptions. Use at least four words from Words for When You Are Scared. Use at least four words from the list.

Set 13

1.     atmosphere

2.     climate

3.     equator

4.     global

5.     hemisphere

6.     humid

7.     precipitation

8.     range

9.     variation

1. gases surrounding Earth

2. weather

3. halfway line for Earth

4. worldwide

5. half of a sphere

6. hot and sticky; damp; moist and hot

7. water falling from clouds; rain; snow; sleet

8. variety

9. change; difference
















Earth’s Climates

What is the best kind of climate to grow up in? State your opinion clearly and support it with two or three reasons. Use at least four words from the list Earth's Climates.

Set 14

1.     astound

2.     bold

3.     daring

4.     enthusiasm

5.     exploit

6.     extreme

7.     reckless

8.     risk

9.     spectacular

1. surprise; amaze; shock; astonish; startle; bore

2. brave; daring; courageous; fearless; adventurous; fearful; frightened; cautious; cowardly; afraid; shy

3. brave; bold; courageous; fearless; unafraid; bravery; fearful; afraid; cautious; cowardly

4. eagerness; great interest in; lack of interest; boredom; indifference

5. daring deed; brave act; heroic action

6. very great; highest; maximum; extraordinary; ordinary; limited; average

7. careless; thoughtless; taking foolish chances; careful; thoughtful; cautious

8. a possibility of danger

9. remarkable; astounding; astonishing; fantastic; amazing; dull; boring; common; ordinary; uninteresting

risk; watch; challenge; contribute; participate; spectacular; astound; extreme; frequent; spectacular; enthusiasm; satisfied; varied; boredom; exploit; suspense; bold; enthusiasm; caution; fear; common; beautiful; interesting; astounding; exciting; amazing; nervous; suspense; dull; boring; exciting

Words That Say, “What a Thrill!”

Research the history of the first amusement parks. Which rides astounded people? Would kids today think it was daring to go on those rides? Use facts, definitions, and details to explain what you learned. Use at least four Words That Say, "What a Thrill!"

Set 15

1.     agriculture

2.     capital


3.     capitol

4.     governor

5.     industry

6.     legislature

7.     represent

8.     resource

9.     statehood

10.  union

1. farming

2. location of government; city where government is

3. building for lawmakers

4. elected leader of a state

5. business

6. government lawmakers

7. act for; stand for; speak for

8. supply; source

9. being a state

10. joining together; coming together; combination





















Governing a State

Who is your governor? Who represents your community in the state legislature? Read to find two important kinds of industry or agriculture in your state.  Then use facts, definitions, and details to explain what you learned. Use at least four words from the list Governing a State.

Set 16

1.     application

2.     capable

3.     employment

4.     expert

5.     livelihood

6.     manufacture

7.     professional

8.     prompt

9.     rely

1. a form you fill out

2. able to do; skilled; having ability; talented; incapable; not skilled; unable

3. work; job; profession

4. knowledgeable; highly skilled; experienced; professional; unskilled; untrained; inexperienced

5. work; job; employment; living

6. make; build; produce; construct

7. expert; specialist; pro

8. on time; on schedule; late; behind schedule

9. trust; count on; be sure of; have confidence in; distrust; doubt






Words You Can Take to Work

Research one kind of employment. What kind of work do people do in this career? What kind of training do people need? Then use facts, definitions, and details to explain what you learned. Use at least four words from the list Words You Can Take to Work.

Set 17

1. cell

2. contract

3. joint

4. ligament

5. organ

6. skeletal

7. skull

8. tendon

9. tissue

10. vertebra

1. basic unit of a body part

2. shorten

3. place where bones meet

4. tissue connecting bones

5. a body part with a task

6. of the framework of bones

7. head bones

8. muscle-to-bone tissue

9. group of similar cells

10. spine bone


life form

structure of an organism


connect; connection


life cycle


blood flow

cell inside bone




nervous system

The Human Body

Find out more about how muscles help the body move. Then use facts, definitions, and details to explain what you learned. Use at least four words from the list The Human Body.

Set 18

1. accident

2. crisis

3. disaster

4. disease

5. emergency

6. fierce

7. injury

8. pollute

9. toxic

10. vicious

1. disaster; mistake; crash

2. emergency; extreme difficulty; serious problem

3. emergency; crisis; accident; serious problem

4. illness; sickness; health

5. crisis; accident; disaster

6. calm; mild; gentle

7. damage; harm; hurt; wound

8. make dirty; poison; spoil; clean; make pure

9. poisonous; dangerous; harmful; unhealthy; safe; harmless; healthful; nontoxic

10. cruel; mean; violent; gentle; good; kind; considerate









Words That Say, “Danger!”

Write a made-up story about a disaster. What causes the disaster? Does anyone suffer injuries? Tell what happens and what characters think or feel. Use descriptions and dialogue. Use at least four words from the Words That Say, "Danger!" list.

Set 19

1. achieve

2. curious

3. degree

4. demonstrate

5. instruct

6. investigate

7. master

8. progress

9. strive

10. succeed

1. accomplish; reach a goal; succeed in doing; complete; fail; fall short; be unsuccessful

2. eager to learn; interested; questioning; uninterested; indifferent

3. college certificate; diploma

4. show how; display; illustrate

5. teach; educate; coach; train

6. research; study; explore; examine

7. learn well; become expert at; understand

8. improvement; forward movement; becoming better; becoming worse

9. try hard; make an effort; work hard; not try; give up

10. reach a goal; accomplish something; achieve; fail; flop




reach a goal

School Days

Why is it important to go to school? State your opinion clearly and support it with two or three reasons. Use at least four words from the School Days list.

Set 20

1. arid

2. canyon

3. cliff

4. immense

5. mountainous

6. peninsula

7. rugged

8. summit

9. terrain

10. vast

1. dry; rainless; like a desert; wet; rainy; well-watered

2. deep valley

3. rock wall; steep drop

4. huge; vast; gigantic; tremendous; extremely large; tiny; little; small

5. flat; level; low

6. point; land jutting into water; a neck of land

7. jagged; uneven and rough; smooth; flat; level

8. top; peak; highest point; bottom; base; low point

9. land; area of ground

10. huge; immense; tremendous; extremely large; narrow; little; tiny















rock face


Research a country in a mountainous area. What do people do to earn a living in this rugged terrain? Use facts, definitions, and details to explain what you learned. Use at least four words from the Landforms list.