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Thursday 22 March 2-4pm - Litter Pick on Strawberry Line, Yatton

Friday 23 March 10am-noon - Litter Pick in Yatton Station area

Monday 26 March 10am-noon - Workparty @ Yatton Railway Garden

**NEW DATE** Saturday 31 March 10am-noon - Workparty, St Mary’s Churchyard, Yatton

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THANK YOU to everyone who sent in their Christmas Bird Survey

102 surveys were received. The blackbird maintained its position as the bird seen in most gardens - 94 out of 102; the rest of the top ten were woodpidgeon and robin (91), blue tit (80), great tit (73), magpie (71), house sparrow (68), dunnock (55), long-tailed tit (53) and goldfinch (52).  The number of species which landed = 46 / species which flew over only = 8 / species heard only (Tawny Owl) - 1.  A grand total of 55 species recorded.

Contact us if you would like a full copy of the report on the survey.

YACWAG highlights the importance of trees in villages

Tree Dressing Day on the first weekend in December was marked by YACWAG for the tenth year running with a message on 54 prominent trees that trees are important for people’s health and well-being, as well as being vital for wildlife.

Every year Yatton and Congresbury Wildlife Action Group draws attention to the value of trees in the local villages with a message that aims to make people stop and think. YACWAG spokesperson Faith Moulin said, ‘We hope people enjoy finding the trees we have labelled and, at this time when there is so much emphasis on cutting down trees, consider the ones quietly growing in our midst which are reducing pollution, reducing flood risk and producing oxygen for us. Not only do they provide homes and food for insects and birds, trees are wildlife too!’

YACWAG produced a book five years ago: The Treasured Trees of Yatton and Congresbury, which is available from on this website. The book is priced at £5.

                          THANKS to Andrew Town

 for his talk about Trendlewood Park in Nailsea - an area well worth a visit                                                                    

Our stall featured The Very Hungry Caterpillar

CongFete2 Jul17.JPG

The students recently took part in the Walk4 Wildlife and we are honoured that they chose YACWAG as the beneficiary of their fund-raising - an amazing £1,749.03!!!

Congratulations and a big THANK YOU to all who took part.

Walk4W July17.JPG

YATTON SCHOOLS CARNIVAL - 24 June  2017DSCN4901.JPG         

We had a splendid afternoon at our Bat Cave at the carnival.  Princess, the noctule bat, visited us and was a great attraction - a great opportunity to talk to people about bats and our Batmap Project, record sightings of bats in the area and make batty, crafty things with children.




The meeting reviewed the year to 28 February 2017; the Annual Accounts and Chairman’s Report were presented and the Committee members were re-elected.  The Chairman’s Award for 2017 was presented to Mark Stanford ‘for his enthusiasm and outstanding commitment in promoting YACWAG through the design of a new website for the Charity’. Higgy’s talk about moths was very well received and the evening ended with a walk across an adjacent field to view Harry’s Plot, a small area of land bequeathed earlier this year to YACWAG.


Photo by Sue Lovesey




Holly Blue on pyracantha. Photo by Bob Lowman


We were delighted to be awarded £2,433.20 from the Coop Local Community Fund - MANY THANKS TO THE COOP AND OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY MEMBERS WHO SUPPORTED US.  We have bought more bat detectors to enhance our bat work locally, especially with children and young people.