DHMN Organizational Meeting

April 27, 2015

Call to Order

Present: Jacob B., Bob T-Son, Shane G., Sim, Mike P.

Late arrivals:

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Ross L., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Paul K., Dan Brunner., Jason S., Steve P., Kristin M., Tater, Mark F., , Jake K., Sara K.,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Shane G.

Seconded: Sim


Treasurer's Report

DHMN Treasurer's report as of 4/23/2015:


Balances and accrued liabilities:


bank: $3009.63

stripe: $96.50

paypal: $62.51

cash: $187

Insurance payment accrued (51.75/mo): -569.25

Prepaid membership balance: -175

Shane outstanding snack reimburse: -98.49

May rent (about to pay): -450

Utility obligation accrued: -214.06

Deposit takeover owed to Sim: 800

We Energies: 198 ( or 798 as deposit. discuss.)


total: $850.84


notable balance changes included above:


100 pre-paid 2 month membership for Paul

98 paid to Shane

110 cash from food jar

10 cash from filament jar

65 cash from donations jar

691.19 membership income

10 to DFI for annual report




WE Energies

$162.61      3/23-4/23


  51.45      3/23-4/23


214.06 owed so far




1 new temporary member: Paul Klemstine

Current tallies:

 2 @ Family

12 @ Full

 1 @ Full prepaid

 3 @ Student

 1 @ Student prepaid

 3 @ Limited

 1 @ Sweat Equity




  870.00    current monthly membership income

-  30.21    monthly tx fees on those memberships

- 947.58    current monthly averaged outlay


Average Monthly shortfall: $107

First date we can't pay a bill: June 2016


Monthly outlay in above budget includes:


3250/yr utilities

625/mo rent

621/yr insurance

Moves to approve: Bob T-Son

Seconded: Mike P.


Old Business

Previous motion to create a subcommittee to explore expanding the board beyond the existing officers to be headed by Mark F. Nothing to report yet.

New Business

Improvements Update

Taking over Sim's space and taking over the master lease.

Built storage units.

Sim is working on parking tickets (see last month's minutes).

We will have a Enter at your own risk poster at the entrance.

Weekly coder workshop

Mike P. proposes a weekly coder session and a monthly coder workshop to use the makerspace. Nights and weekend to be determined.

Bar Camp Appleton

Jacob volunteered to organize a bar camp at the makerspace in September.


Move to Adjourn: Bob T-Sonn

Seconded: Sim