Business Plan



Business Feasibility Plan

Date plan completed: DD-MM-YYYY

Leader: Cornelius

Members: Anshiqa, Yun Jun, Dan Rei


Executive Summary

Business Description        

Market Analysis        

Internal and External Influences of your Business        

Marketing Strategies        

Financial Analysis        

Breakeven Analysis        


Appendix I        

Executive Summary

 As the company is situated in the business district, we will always be surrounded by companies who need to advertise the businesses and so, they will be able to hire us whenever needed. As the market wants more incredible visual advertisements, thus we will make them. We offer the best advertisements at Ad-Xperts, with always the best quality and your advertisements will never go unnoticed. We plan to expand to an international well-known brand in 5 years time, providing top-notch advertising services to established corporations and companies. Our profits are expected to be good as we will be working with wealthy companies and will mostly cover our loss, along with the cash equity. This business will definitely succeed.

Business Description

Business Name:


Tagline/ Slogan:

Ad your service

Mission Statement:

        We, at Ad-xperts will be at your service, always. We will help you advertise your business/product every where from newspaper to online advertisements.

Vision Statement:

        In the years to come, we envision our company to grow bigger and to reach out internationally. We will be sought widely for around the world due to our amazing  commercials. We will strive to impact and innovate with new and improved advertisements.


To be drafted and completed after Financial plan in Term 3

Business Description:

We will create advertisements for companies. Our advertisements will include both video and poster types, to suit every customer’s needs. We will be providing services to other companies only, being a B to B business. We will forge good relationships with our customers by providing excellent services and advertisements.


Legal Business Structure:


We will have different people to do different jobs like artist, digital artist, designer, call manager. This will help us to work more efficiently and pump out more advertisements for other companies.

Business Type:

B to B.


Raffles Place business district.


Local companies.

Market Analysis

Your Market research results and your findings after evaluation of the results.

Target Market: Other companies that would want to promote their products

Competitors: Our competitors will be be other advertising companies in that area. To outdo them, we will keep innovating and upgrading with each advertisement, as well as vary prices.

Pricing strategy: We will rational the price of our service accordingly, depending on our competitors. However, we will start off with a low price so as to attract business, which might not want to spend too much money on ads. Then, as we build on, we will raise the price, but not too much.

Potential Demands: To pump out more advertisements faster. Celebrity endorsements. Precise requirements. e.g a longer video, a vibrant poster.

Internal and External Influences of your Business

3 Internal Influences

3 External Influences


Marketing Strategies

Product: Innovative and attractive advertisements. Our employees are confident and provides excellent customer service so as to retain old customers and bring in new ones. We will print our posters on a good quality material to make it more durable and able to withstand various conditions.

Price: Contribution margin-based pricing: This strategy ensures maximum profit while maintaining the constant units produced. Our pricing will be cheaper than our competitor and will have the same value. We use price to market our product to make our services more enticing. We will have promotion prices at times and also maintain the highest quality we can afford.

Promotion: Set up poster frames and paste our own poster, containing contact details and plans of the office. We will also promote through sales, e.g. 25% sales annually. We will build a good corporate image by advertising for well-known businesses. We will offer an extra service of creating multiple versions of the advertisement too. E.g 2 posters  in a pack for a cheaper price than 2 individual posters.

Place: We will set up our company in a business district, so we will be surrounded by a multitude of companies. This way, we will be seen and known by those businesses, who will then proceed to hire us to market their own business.

Financial Analysis


Cash Flow Statement