Middleton Elementary

Site Council Agenda & Minutes - 10/14/14

2:30 PM, October 14th, 2014 | Location: Room 4


Last Meeting Follow-Up

New Business


Kim Meeuwsen, Heidi Holdorf, Emily Conrad, Jeremiah Patterson, Gia Waugh, Mary Timmons, Laura Holt, Alicia Wilks


Jeremiah Patterson


Last Meeting Follow-Up

We reaffirmed the norms posted on the website.


Discussion about bulletin board ideas for helping families know staff.

Earlier Weekly Updates this next summer (Mid-August, for the ramp up to the school year)

Kinders involved with Supply Night next year?

First day communications from teachers.

PAC planing to support “experiences” and field trips this year with success of Fun Run.

Focused largely on impacts of boundary process and FDK transition.  More on these topics throughout the year.

Decided these three topics should be the themes for the year, and that the agendas should reflect this as well.


“Habits of Mind” is a proposed book study.  We will vote on whether or not members want to have a book study.

New Business

Action Items

Next Meeting Agenda Items & Date