Nonprofit Resources List: #NPCOVID19




Curated by Nonprofit Peeps (Beth Kanter, Janet Fouts, Linda Baker, Sarah Goddard, Susan Tenby, Wendy Harman, Meico Marquette Whitlock, Barbara O’Reilly, Jessie Mooberry, Farra Trompeter, CharityHowTo, John Kluge, Clare Levy, Christine Newman, Paula Morris, Barbara Weber, Jared Sheehan, Deborah Barron, Susie Polnaszek, Claire McMurtry, Stacey Faella, Moua Lo, Jess Sand for helping with organization, Meredith Kavanagh)  Add your name if you add resources, share with others with #NPCOVID19 hashtag

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“In a social phase in which thinking about one’s garden has become the rule, the virus sends us a clear message: the only way out is reciprocity, the sense of belonging, the community, the feeling of being part of something greater to take care of us and that can take care of us.  The shared responsibility, the feeling that your fates depends on not only yours but on everyone around you.  And that you depend on them.”  - Francesca Morelli

KEEP ON SCROLLING  … it is a long list, but organized …;-) 

---> Federal Coronavirus Relief Bills: What Do They Mean for Nonprofits (Webinar recording)

Table of contents

This ToC is a work in progress; see proposed restructure for consolidating, eliminating redundancy, and grouping like content (and feel free to comment in that doc directly with feedback).

Public Health Information

Information hygiene is just as important as washing your hands and social distancing.  These are primary sources to consult.  Don’t spread misinformation, use your best critical information skills before sharing.

Public Health/Government

CDC CoronaVirus Information

CDC Foundation Advice for Nonprofits

WHO Information

Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Map

Public Health On Call Podcast - Daily podcast from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health featuring scientific and evidence-based insights on C19.  Watch local and state public health department web sites for up-to-date guidance.

Networked Healthcare Covid Response

Open Source Medical Supplies coordination of devices and supplies

Twitter List of Epidemiologists created by Alexandra Samuels

Connecting Suppliers and Hospitals to Combat COVID-19 (Med-Supply.Life) is run by a group of dedicated volunteers to connect hospitals in America with manufacturers of masks, goggles, test kits, swab kits, gloves, protective gears and other supplies healthcare workers need to combat COVID-19.

Nonprofit Resource Collections: National

These are resources curated by national organizations.

Policy Response to Pandemic from National Council of Nonprofits (3/17)

Candid’s real-time pop-up webpage on philanthropy’s response (updated daily, note that they would like funders to share data and any new coronavirus-specific funding opportunities)

The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s ongoing coverage, (3/17) This is the link to their special report section on CoronaVirus, being updated everyday.

Points of Light Global Network Resources (3/20) Various resources from across our network of volunteer centers on engaging volunteers

LEAP Community Resources (3/20) Various resources from across the community.

New Left Accelerator - Resources for Internal Organizational Transition - HR, policies, tools,  remote work, planning, loans and legislation (3/18)

PhilanTopic PND Blog Roundups (3/22) good round up of philanthropy and nonprofit links related to the crisis.

Nonprofit Resource Collections: State/Local

These are statewide, local, or special focus collections

The Nonprofit Partnership COVID-19 Resource Library (3/16) This is an example of region/local  nonprofit capacity builder/funder in Erie, PA.

Washington State Nonprofit Association Response  (3/11/) Example of statewide nonprofit association resource collection.

Bridgespan compilation of COVID-19 resources for nonprofits (3/15)  Well curated resource collection for nonprofits.

The Actuarial Foundation’s free math resources for at-home learning (3/19) Hands-on math modules developed by actuaries and Scholastic for grades 6-8

New Left Accelerator - Resources for Internal Organizational Transition  - HR, policies, tools,  remote work, planning, (3/18)

SVCN Nonprofit Resource Page - Excellent collection for local community nonprofits (3/23)

Risk to Michigan Nonprofit Sector: Research -  (Executive Summary)(3/26)

Nonprofit Resources: By Specific Topic

Racial Equity and Social Justice

Decolonizing Community Care in Response to COVID (3/19)

Grantmakers Must Put Equity at the Center (3/19) Editorial on Chronicle of Philanthropy with useful links.l

As Coronavirus Deepens Inequality, Inequality Worsens Its Spread (3/15, NYT)

10 Equity Implications of Coronavirus in USA (NAACP) (3/17)

How To Help The Most Vulnerable Populations (3/19) Chronicle of Philanthropy

Impact on domestic violence victims (3/16)

Unchecked Corporate Power Allowed The Virus to Spread (3/19)

COVID Resources for Undocumented Califorinians (3/20)

Ethicial Issues for Social Workers During Pandemic (3/22)

Mapping of Vulnerable Populations in California (3/22)

Harm Reduction Resources (Canada) (3/25)

Racial Equity and Social Justice Resources (3/26)


An Appeal to Congress to Include Nonprofits in Packages for Relief and Stimulus - reinforce these messages with your elected officials

Capitol Hill on Coronavirus and Poverty (Homeless & Low Income) - updates from citizen advocacy org

#StandAgainstCorona - A group of behavioural scientists have collaborated to develop a website that is intended to inspire changes in behavior that could slow the spread of COVID-19

CoronaVirus Demands A Quantum Leap in Organizing (3/24)

Public Engagement Resources In A Pandemic (3/25)

Research on Actions Taken by Millennial & GZen for Corona Virus (Derrick Feldman) 3/25)

Breaking down the CARES Act:  How the New Stimulus Bill Could Provide Relief for Social Good Organizations (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud 3/31)


Managing Nonprofits During Turbulent Times (3/22) case studies and lessons from

Seattle nonprofits

CoronaVirus Scenario Planning by Trista Harris (3/2) One of the first pieces anticipating the crisis for nonprofits. Use of scenario planning is useful in rapidly evolving situation.

What Nonprofits Should Do Right Now - by Nonprofit Finance Fund (3/12) This is a blog series.

Nonprofit CoronaVirus Communication Plans (3/18) This is a crowdsourced list of nonprofit organization’s COVID-19/coronavirus communications, resources, and plans.

Hardy Smith Curated Links (3/20)

Lessons from the Field: How Food Lifeline is Operating During the COVID-19 Pandemic (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

How to Protect Your Organization from Phishing Scams and Fraud (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

Peer-to-Peer Virtual Work Mentoring

Virtual Assistants (connecting people from nonprofit laid off with nonprofits who that may need help)


Ted Connects/Community and Hope: TED Connects: Community and Hope is a free, live, daily conversation series featuring experts whose ideas can help us reflect and work through this uncertain time with a sense of responsibility, compassion and wisdom.

Leading Your Organization Through Covid Criss from HBR (2/27)

Human Resources

Virtual Town Hall on Nonprofit Employee Remote Policy co-hosted by Nonprofit HR and Independent Sector, including free template if you have an All-Staff Town Hall Meeting (3/16)

Shifting Hiring and Interviews to Virtual - advice for job candidates and hiring committees (via Aspen Leadership Group) (3/16)

Employee Assistance Funds (3/26) Webinar recording Global Impact outlines their approach to EAP's, including timeline, pricing, and a real-time case study.

Human Resources - Covid-19 updates.  (4/2, 4/9, 4/16).  A weekly, free webinar combining updates on Covid-19, conversation on the nonprofit HR response, and tools for creatively managing difficult decisions

Keeping Your People Together During COVID-19 Crisis - Webinar Recording hosted by NonprofitHR.  The slides and HR Covid19 Toolkit for Social Impact Organizations.


Crowdsourced Resources for Networked Approaches, including narratives, examples, and tools from Ted Frickes (3/18)


Communicating About Corona Virus at Your Nonprofit Event by Kivi Leroux Miller (3/11) advice on communications related to Corona Virus.

Nonprofit Event Cancellations (3/11) Everything is cancelled. Nonprofit Times.

Cancelled Event Trade Show Shifts To Virtual Donations To Local Food Bank (3/12) Rapid pivots from face-to-face to online.

Coronavirus and What You Need to Know About Postponing and Cancelling Events (Recording) (via CharityHowTo)

CoronaVirus and What You Need to Know about Cancelling and Postponing Fundraising Events (Free Webinar from Charity How-To) FREE Webinar with slots available on March 23 & 24.

What to Do If Your Fundraising Event is Cancelled Due to the Coronavirus (via MobileCause)

[Toolkit] COVID-19: Event and Fundraising Resources During Possible Impact (via Blackbaud)

Tips to Maintain Momentum for Your In-Person Fundraising Events Amidst COVID-19 (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

Tips for a Successful Virtual Gala Experience (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

Mind Matters in Challenging Times - a Virtual Restorative Series (from the TLEX institute) - free online series

Fundraising from 6 Feet Away: Tips for Making Your Giving Day an Online-Only Event (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

How To Run A Successful Virtual Event by Hubspot (3/30)

From In-Person to Virtual: How to Maximize Your Fundraising Event Revenue (by Classy 3/30)

4 Strategies to Create a Standout Virtual Fundraising Campaign (by Classy 3/30)

Going Virtual: An Alternative Virtual Event Guide (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud 3/31)

Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Organization's Capacity During a National Crisis (April 6th)

How to Keep Fundraising Through a Long-term Crisis! (April 9th)

Is Planned Giving the Silver Lining During Times of Crisis? (April 14th)

Examples of Virtual Fundraisers

Online Fundraiser for Feeding America (3/31)


How boodleAI Helps Nonprofits with Fundraising Shortfalls raise now, pay later by boodleAI

(Plus NET 180) by boodleAI

Fundraising and CoronaVirus by Gail Perry - Some major donor advice.

Fundraising in the Time of Coronavirus: How to Manage and Modify Your Fundraising (Recording) (via CharityHowTo)

Association of Fundraising Professionals' Webinar (March 23): Fundraising in the Face of COVID-19 (Webinar recording, 1.5 hours, highly helpful)

Love your fundraisers by UK Fundraising

3 biggest fundraising mistakes in a recession by Marc Pittman (3/12) - Good advice to keep in mind.

Fundraising in Uncertain Times free Webinar Series by American Philanthropic 3/19 - 4/30

RealTalk Fundraising : LinkedIn Group (via Casey Engels)

Soup to Nuts Fundraising Resources (courtesy of Bloomerang)

Reaching Donors and Volunteers in Light of Coronavirus (via Aspen Leadership Group)
Coronavirus and Fundraising: Our Experts Weigh In (via Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt)

Virtual Fundraising Gala Example (3/17) Upaya SV

10 Things Fundraisers Can Do From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

Tips for Communicating with Donors During Uncertain Times (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

Let the Donor Decide: Don’t Assume Giving is Off the Table During a Crisis (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud) 

Modifying P2P Campaigns When Participants Crave Social Connection (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

Free guide to nonprofit crisis communications

How to Keep the Lights On at Your Nonprofit During a Global Crisis (by Classy 3/30)

How to Manage Your Donations Amidst COVID-19 (by TheShareWay 4/1)

Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Organization's Capacity During a National Crisis (April 6th)

How to Keep Fundraising Through a Long-term Crisis! (April 9th)

Is Planned Giving the Silver Lining During Times of Crisis? (April 14th)


Tips for Communicating During A Crisis by Farra at Big Duck (3/25)

Crisis Communications Checklist by M & R Lab (3/31)

RoundUp of How To Help Lists Your Nonprofit Should Pitch To Add  by M&R (3/31

10 Ways Inclusive Leaders Can Mitigate Bias When Communicating About Coronavirus

Coronavirus and Nonprofit Grants: Tactics and Strategies to Help You Adapt

The Communications Network Triage Kit

Nonprofit Communications During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

How to Manage Your Communications and Examples via DeBerry Group

How to Handle Communications About the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Comms for Charities

Distance Socializing- How to Communicate with All Your Stakeholders 

Julia Campbell’s Resource Page (3/18)

Free guide to nonprofit crisis communications 

Tips for Creating Resource Collections by Jess Sand (3/25)

How Social Good Organizations Can Build Community at a Social Distance (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

7 Emails Your Nonprofit Can Send During the COVID-19 Outbreak (by Classy 3/30)

Free webinars for nonprofits

Free Webinars for Nonprofits - April, 2020 by Wild Apricot (check back regularly for monthly updates)

Lightful is coordinating this spreadsheet  - add your FREE nonprofit events

Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Organization's Capacity During a National Crisis

How to Keep Fundraising Through a Long-term Crisis!

Is Planned Giving the Silver Lining During Times of Crisis?

Work from Home/Management

(Be sure to look at the links from other sectors below)

TechSoup: Working from Home Resources for Nonprofits

Tips for Working Remotely During COVID-19

Virtual Conference/Meeting Software Comparison (via GivingTuesday)

Facilitating online meetings by Beth Kanter (3/25)

Tips for Successful Online Meetings (3/25)

Tech tools for adapting to virtual operations *webinar (3/18) TechImpact, 501 Commons
A Guide to Remote Working for Nonprofits (via Wild Apricot)

Show & Tell: Remote Work Tips for Collaboration and Generosity (via Edith Asibey & Jamie Lonie)

FREE ebook: What You Need to Know about Hosting Effective Virtual Meetings (via Boardable)

Bloomerang: Covid-19 and Remote work resources for nonprofits (via Casey Engels) Lots of free webinars on different topics.

Why All Those ‘Working From Home’ Tips Are Not Working

6 Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

Work from Home Tips by Ash Shepherd, NTEN

It’s Time To Get Good At Virtual Meetings by Spitfire

It’s Time for Next Generation Virtual Collaboration by Civicist

Take a Shower and Other WFH Tips from Your Social Good Peers (via sgENGAGE/Blackbaud)

The sgENGAGE Podcast: Tips for Working Remotely Amidst COVID-19 (via SGEngage/Blackbaud)

The Most Important Meeting of the Day by Amy Sample Ward, NTEN

Ten Ways To Chipper Working from Home 

Working From Home: 19 Tips to Stay Productive (by Classy 3/30)

Virtual Socializing in the Workplace

Staff Birthday Party at the Packard Foundation

Staff Happy Hour: TechSoup

Zoom Parties

Nonprofit Tech

Digital Divide Resources (3/26) curated by NTEN

NTEN Events List (3/18) - Virtual events to provide support and advice to the nonprofit tech community.  The should be first stop (full disclosure, Beth is is on the board)

Digital Divide Resources (3/17) from NTEN blog post.

TechSoup Forum on COVID-19, special offers, tools and techniques

CoronaVirusTechHandbook Facebook Group - (3/18) Civic tech folks mutual aid and advice.
IT Company Tech Virtual Volunteers (3/18)

IT Can Help - (3/18) Mutual aid spreadsheet curated by CEO of a tech company - mostly in Poland.  Other lists? Please add.

sgENGAGE Blog - COVID-19 - An assortment of great content on different topics for nonprofits (3/17)

Blackbaud compilation of Event and Fundraising Resources During Possible Impact (3/17)

Remote Survey Kit (3/24)

Deals, offers, and benefits from organizations that want to help out with COVID-19

Impact Cloud List of COVID Offers for Nonprofits (3/25)

Slack Channel for NYC Techies To Volunteer To Help Fight CoronaVirus (3/25)

Creating Tech Resources for Disaster Response: Things to Consider

Philanthropy Response

Philanthropy Round Up & News Coverage

Chronicle of Philanthropy - Ongoing coverage
Candid’s real-time pop-up webpage on philanthropy’s response (updated daily, note that they would like funders to share data and any new coronavirus-specific funding opportunities)

Roundup Philanthropy Response from Giving By All Team at Gates Foundation (3/16 - best comprehensive set of links, so far)
How Funders Should Respond by Victoria Vrana, Gates Foundation (3/15)

Philanthropy Response in California by Kathleen Kelly Janus (3/15)

Emergency Disaster Funders/Massachusetts Round Up from PhilanthropyMA (3/17)

Philanthropy Response in Scotland (3/20)

Stacey Faella's Resource Guide for Nonprofit Operations, Comms, and Fundraising (3/25)

Exponent Philanthropy Lean Response (3/27)

A Few Examples of Funders & Big Donors Response

$125 Million Initiative To Accelerate Vaccine - Gates Fdn, Mastercard, and Wellcome - Could take as long as 6 years

Home Testing Kits - Funded by Gates Foundation
How Billionaires Are Helping - Gates, Ma, and others - 3/10

Jack Ma Foundation - Donation of Masks/Testing Kits (3/13)

Funders Response to Covid-19 by Candid

List of COVID-19 Funds by GivingCompass (3/17)

Indigo Trust COVID Response (3/26) UK

Philanthropy Roundtable Covid Roundup (3/27)

What Philanthropists Are Doing To Help with Covid (NY Times) (3/25)

Nonprofit Staff Relief Funds

GoFundMe is supporting nonprofits in setting up employee relief funds. We are providing examples, encouragement, advice & help setting up funds to benefit nonprofit employees who have lost their jobs.

Start A Campaign
A few examples of campaigns:

Pabst Theater Group 

Arts Council of Indianapolis:

More Examples:

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network - SF Bay Area Chapter (YNPNsfba) - (Apply for funding)

Dancers' Group partnered with Theatre Bay Area and InterMusic SF on the COVID-19 Performing Arts Fund (apply for funding)

Performing Arts Worker Relief Fund (apply for funding)

THE SAN FRANCISCO ARTS & ARTISTS RELIEF FUND (individual & organizations)

Everyday Donors

GlobalGiving Fund (3/19)

Seattle COVID-19 Fund (3/11)

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fundraiser for WHO with $10 Million Match from Facebook and 2:1 matching campaign for same fund from Google

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF) Community Emergency Response Fund

United Way Boston COVID19 Fund

Boston Foundation COVID19 Response Fund

Italy Response Funds

Grassroots Fund: New England-wide rapid response funding for grassroots responses COVID19

Examples of Facebook Fundraisers by Nonprofit Organizations (via FB Social Team)  (3/21)

Global Impact COVID Fund (3/11)

Round Up of Different Campaigns & Way to Donate $, Time or Supplies by Time Magazine (3/31)

Communiques from Donors Conveying Flexibility and/or Increased Funding

Ford Foundation (3/16)

Robert Sterling Clark Foundation (3/16)

Funder Info Resources

Council on Foundations COVID-2019 Information Hub: Curated Resources

Comms advice for writing about Coronavirus

Philanthropy Response to Coronavirus - by Candid (former Foundation Center and GuideStar)

COVID-19 Tools and Resources for Nonprofits - Nonprofit Finance Fund

Packard Foundation OE Team Resources (3/20)

Resistance Labs funding opportunities for SMS-based COVID-19 response (4/1/2020)


Tech Companies Offering ProBono Help (Spreadsheet, mostly Europe) (3/20)

NVIDIA - Getting Gamers To Give Bandwidth for Research (3/24)

Cisco’s COVID Response Fund (3/24)

Facebook Messenger Developers Join the Fight Against the Virus (3/24)

Tech Volunteers in NYC to Help (Slack Channel)  (3/25)

Podmapping for Mutual Aid  (3/24)

How to make a neighborhood hub on Slack (3/22)

Companies Donating Products/Services During Covid (3/31)

Acts of Compassion & Kindness - Large and Small

Stay strong - the fundraising community pulls together by Fundraising Sarah

With the Coronavirus, Hell Is No Other People, New Yorker Essay by Bill McKibben

Embrace Social Distance but Fight Social Division  by Asha Curran

Spreading Kindness
Seattle Arts Commission - Make A Joyful Noise

Edinburgh Grocery Goes Viral with Free Covid-19 Packages for Elderly

Kindness Template to Print, Fill Out, and Slip Under Neighbors’ doors

People in Spain Called To Balcony To Give Standing Ovation to Health Workers

Giving Tuesday Generosity Text Actions

How To Help Your Community During Pandemic - by the Handbook

How To Help In Prison - by Paper (3/31)

Supply Donations

From individuals of kindness to scaled in-kind donations of medical supplies  (3/21) (be sure to see all the wonderful links in the comments)

Chinese Donate Medical Equipment To Italy

Mutual Aid Resources

Crowdsourced Documents, Spreadsheets, Sites, Etc.

Mutual Aid: Local Neighborhood in MA

Spreadsheet from Manchester, NH

Spreadsheet from Westchester, NY/Rockland County

Mutual Aid in Portland, OR email

Site for Vancouver created by Alexandra Samuel

Spreadsheet for San Francisco Bay Area+ 

Mutual Aid: Iowa City created by Allie Stutting

Iowa City Catholic Worker's Mutual Aid Fund

Front Range Mutual Aid (Denver, CO and surrounding area)

Mutual Aid Community Examples (3/22) June Holley

WeCare - Taking Care of Each Other


Roundup of news articles of How To Help from M&R Lab (3/31)


How To Tap Into Virtual Volunteering by VolunteerMatch (3/30)

GoodSam App - Coordinate Volunteers to support health care workers in UK  (3/31)

Helping Elderly Neighbors & Family

A few links

InvisibleHandsDeliver is a new site offering safe, free deliveries to New York City and Jersey City residents who are at greatest risk of catching COVID-19.

How To Help Your Neighbors During Pandemic from USA Today  (3/31)

Disability & COVID19

Forbes (Mar 8): 5 Things To Know About Coronavirus And People With Disabilities

Donate Blood 
COVID-19 poses no risk to patients so we do not test the blood. Respiratory viruses are not known to be transmitted by blood transfusion, and there have been no reported or suspected cases of transfusion transmission of this virus. If you are feeling healthy and well, please donate blood. Travel and exposure restrictions are listed on our website.

Self-Care, Mindfulness, Reducing Anxiety


Happy Healthy Nonprofit

Managing the Stress and Uncertainty of Coronavirus (Podcast from HBR)
Being Well Podcast: Fear in the Time of Coronavirus

Self-Care for Politically Charged Times

14-Day Journaling Challenge by Aisha Moore

Thriving Mindfully (Free Mindfulness, Meditation, and Self-care Resources) (Ananda Leeke)

9 of the best gym studios offering free online workouts during coronavirus 

Self-Care Twitter Accounts To Follow by Asiha Moore


How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos- Podcast with Jack Kornfield (Skip first 5 min)

Mindful Selfcare tips

Compassion and the Corona Virus

Why Pandemics Kills Compassion
Coronavirus Sanity Guide (Free) - 10% Happier

Anxiety is Also Contagious. Here’s How to Calm Down

Ananda Leeke: Wellness Wednesday Meditation at 7 am EST

Mental Health/Anxiety/Stress Reduction

Virus Anxiety - Collection of Mental Health Resources from Shine & AMA

Why You Aren’t Thinking Clearly: The Brain Science of Fear in Uncertain Times by Hildy Gottlieb


How Humor Can Be Your Best Friend in A Crisis (3/24)
Call FREE ComedyCures® LaughLine® 1-888-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! (1-888-424-2424)
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (3/24)

Stuff to Do At Home

Via Nancy White List of Activities

Ideas from Nonprofit Peeps (note: content not widely available)

Talking to children about Covid19

Share your skills and volunteer virtually

Home Respect Agreement from Restorative Justice Partners, Inc.

Friend & Tend Strategy

Sloane Davidson’s List

Reducing Anxiety
Reducing Covid-19 Anxiety 

Crisis Text Line: Text CRISIS to 741741 for free 24/7 support

9 Ways To Avoid Panicking About Covid-19 from WebMD (3/20)

Gretchen Rubin’s List of Podcasts That Can Help You Cope with Covid Anxiety (4/1)


The Tapping Solution: Tap Corona Virus Anxiety Away

MentorME - Connect students with their ideal mentors

Learning (adults)

450 Ivy League Courses You Can Take Online for Free

Information Hygiene

Fact Checking Misinformation (3/20) Via Poynter Institute


Comprehensive Roundup of Studies/Stats by Tomas Pueyo (3/11)

Covid-19: A Data Scientist Perspective - from Fast.AI (3/10)

Preparing for the Corona Virus to Strike US (2/28)

17 Responsible Data Visualizations

Tips for Communicating Data About COVID-19 (3/13) - Stacy Clinton (found in

The Lancet COVID-19 Resource Centre - Free access to The Lancet resources on COVID-19

COVID Tech Innovations

Tracing Contact App from the SIngapore Government (3/19/20)

Quarantine Chat App (3/20/20)

Patient Sphere - Covid Symptom Tracker (3/21)

SafePaths (MIT) Privacy protection for tracking systems 3/22

Artificial Intelligence

Diagnostic Analysis

How Artificial Intelligence Is Aiding Fight Against CoronaVirus by Jared Sheean

The World’s Most Powerful Computer Is Fighting COVID

COVID-Changes in Social Norms

Essay: How Covid-19 Will Change Civil Society

Virtual Happy Hours

Work from Home Memes

We Live In Zoom

How We Live Online

Health Care Advice

The State of Play from the Front Lines by Dr. Jordan Schlain (See chart with symptom comparison of colds, flu, and Coronavirus)
Have A Fever and Cough?  What To Do - NPR (3/10)
Notes from CA Infectious Disease Doctors Meeting (3/ 8) posted by Enoch Choi
Clinical Characteristics of CoronaVirus in China - JAMA (2/28)
Doctors to follow on FB who are on the frontlines and sharing updates:  
Enoch Choi, Sajan Patel (UCSF) Dr. Jordan Schlain
Infographic on Corona Virus from
Johns Hopkins

The #StandAgainstCorona Pledge

A behavioral science-based approach to encourage people to commit to 4 key behaviors to protect themselves and their community. (Launches Wednesday 3/18/20 - please wait to promote until then.)


What we can learn from Spanish Flu

Spanish Flu Documentary

A Visual History of Pandemics - World Economic Forum

Remote Work & Online Events

Creating Connection in a Time of Covid-19 - interview with Nancy White

Mega List of Resources Crowdsourced by Online Facilitators (German Version)

List of Work from Homes Companies (Stay at Home Club)

Change Your Zoom Background

How COVID-19 Is Accelerating Remote Work

Comcast is offer 60 days free Internet for low income families

FREE Software Boardable offers 90 days free online board management software for nonprofits

FREE Webinar Effective and Engaging Virtual Board Meetings-What You Need to Know 

FREE Webinar Suddenly Remote - a series of webinars for the suddenly remote workforce

Suddenly Remote - Recording from Mural.Co

Digital Facilitation

How Tidepool makes Remote Work Work

The Definitive Guide to Delivering Remote Workshops by Mural.Co

Community Roundtable: Managing Remote Teams (Webinar Recording)

Online Events

List of Online Meeting Tools and Best Practices

A Crash Course in Translating Your Meeting Process to a Virtual Setting

Futurists Perspective

How Futurists Cope with Uncertainty by Amy Webb - Don’t Predict - Be Prepared (3/11)

How This Futurist Prepared by Glen Hiemstra (3/2)

Office Hours with Jermiah Owyang by Jeremiah Owyang  Shift to Remote Workplace; Look for Innovation Opportunities; and Practice u Self-Care

Personal Essays

Perspectives of a Person in Quarantine by Tamar Weinberg (New Rochelle Containment Zone) 3/11

Mild Case of CoronaVirus - Facebook Post (3/9)

Facebook Groups

Germ.Info - Vetted scientific information

Charity Response Group UK

Classy Coronavirus Best Practices for Nonprofits - We built this group to share tips, strategies, and best practices in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Share your insight and expertise in these areas, and beyond, with other like-minded peers.

Memes & Humor

#StaytheFuckHome: A Self-Quarantine Manifesto
FlattenTheCurve: How To Help Prevent Virus Spread

Don’t Touch Your Face

Don’t Touch Your Face (The Oatmeal)

Work At Home w/ Kids

Working At Home During A Pandemic Bingo
The Spread of the Coronavirus Emoji (via Emojipedia)

Zoom Memes (Facebook Group)

Twitter Hashtags

#NPCovid19 = Nonprofit resource sharing - which gets curated and added here

#NP-Covid-19 = Nonprofit resource sharing - which gets curated and added here

#COVIDkindness = People sharing examples and ways to spread kindness

#SWCOVID19 = Social workers sharing resources - aggregated here.

1 laughter source - a Friend found this -

Check out the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor website for articles about evidence based research on the impact of laughter on health, also books and webinars. It is an international organization.

Call FREE ComedyCures® LaughLine®

1-888-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! (1-888-424-2424)

Press 1 to Hear A Professional Comedian

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