EPICS V4 Telecon, Oct 6, 2015


V4 talk for Melbourne EPICS meeting

Release coordination of v4.5.0


Present: DH, GW, MK, MS, MD, RL, AJ

Scribe: AJ, GW

Chair: GW

V4 talk for Melbourne EPICS meeting

MS: Can at least give a status report

GW: Let’s start with things added to 4.5.0 and then add status

AJ: Do we have RELEASE notes in the modules and are they up to date?

MK: Points to the overview in the Developer’s Guide, a good intro.

GW: Does that tell them what’s new in this release?

DH: README is currently closer to Release Notes.

AJ: It’s hard to maintain a document separate from the module itself.

GW: Each module will have its own Release_Notes file and a shortened README in the module.

MK: Where should we put the RELEASE_NOTES file, top level or in documentation/

Resolution: We will put a RELEASE_NOTES file, at the top level, in every module.

It should be in in markdown (.md). File name is RELEASE_NOTES.md

At release time one person will review the RELEASE_NOTES.md files, summarize them, and put a summary in pvDataWWW/scripts/. Then the bundling jobs will copy it to the top level with the README. That file will will also be called RELEASE_NOTES.md.

The README of pvDataWWW now used as the sourceforge README, will be edited to be much more compact and only a functional description.

Resolution: The top level README(.md) will also be in markdown (md).

Resolution: The release notes of the overall package will be split into 2 files, one for C++ and one for Java. Named pvDataWWW/scripts/RELEASE_NOTES_CPP.md and …/RELEASE_NOTES_JAVA.md.

AI on Everyone by Wed 7th Oct. Write  a release notes file, send to Andrew.

GW: Dave can tag low level stuff on Thursday morning (british time) for Java. Final bundling may then be Friday.