Usability Test Scripts

Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m ____ (name) and I’m a ____ (major) student here at Cal. I’m taking this class, Information 214, and each semester we have a semester-long project where we gather feedback for a client. This client is currently developing an application that brings people together through hiking.

Today’s usability test should take at most 1 hour of your time. We’re going to be video recording what happens today, but the video is for analysis only. It’s mainly so that I don’t have to sit  here and scribble notes and I can concentrate on talking to you and have you perform the tasks.

Also, because you were able to volunteer your time from your busy schedule, we would like to offer you a Jamba Juice giftcard at the conclusion of this usability test. We appreciate your participation.

Before we start the usability test, we would like to get to know about you and your interests.

[Preliminary Interview] Questions before the Usability Test (10-15 minutes)

1. Please tell us your age, occupation, educational background, and ways that you socialize with people.

2. How do you feel about hiking?

(Follow up: What do you like/not like about hiking?)

3. What motivates you to go hiking? What deters you from going on hikes?

(Follow-up: what can be done to help you go on more hikes?)

4. Do you see hiking as an activity where you can meet new people through it? Yes/No

Please elaborate why this is the case for you.

5.Please tell me about the last time you went on a hike. Follow up: how long was it?

6. How did you prepare for the last time you went hiking? (Did you plan to go by yourself/group, plan transportation, location, etc) What goes through mind about planning a hike?

(Follow-up: What planning tools or resources do you use to go on your hikes?)

7. Was this last time a typical planning experience? How was it like the rest of your hikes? How did it differ?

8. Do you plan to go on hikes by yourself usually? In groups? Both? How do you decide?

9. What do you believe would help make planning a hike a more simple process for you?


Evaluation Instructions: (3 minutes)

Before we start this test, I will have the website application loaded for you, but let me give you some instructions about how to approach it.

We want to let you know that you are testing the product, the product isn’t testing you. There is absolutely nothing that you can do wrong. If in particular something seems wrong or feels weird, just say it out loud to us. Please be as candid as possible. If you like a feature, let us know. If you think something is confusing or awful, please let us know. We appreciate all the feedback from you to improve the web-application.

While you are using the product, we would like you to follow the “think aloud method” where you state your thoughts out loud. That gives us an idea of what you’re thinking when you’re doing something. Just narrate what you’re doing, sort of as a play-by-play, telling me what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Does that make sense? Do you have any questions?

The prototype of the website has been produced using Balsamiq. Please note we have only incorporated the basic layout of the website without any visual design. This is just a framework of what types of features the website will have. Please note that to work on this prototype, the only acceptable behavior is to “click”, which means you cannot fill in anything real with the keyboard. All the information is pre-selected.

Tasks & Interface:

Now I’d like you try a couple of things with this prototype. Work just as you would normally, narrating your thoughts as you go along.

Task#1: (Testers: READ THE SCENARIOS)

 (The first scenario goes as follows: you are new to website and would like to join and make friends through this site. We will now provide you with tasks to sign up and add friends.)

Create account with your username called “Katie”, and your email address is

Interface tour:

Okay now I’d like to go through the interface, one element at a time, and talk about what you expect each thing to do. We will be going through the interface we just used for Task#4.

[Go through:

Friends’ Hike

the plus sign (add a new one)]

[Focus on:

site navigation elements-Public Hikes, Friends’ Hikes, Friends, My Hikes (then go to next paragraph and ask the following questions)

where to boss? and add a destination -(note to self:for that have to click option part from where to boss)

at what time - the popup datepicker -Ask: how do u think time is going to be displayed

all those address blanks]

[Ask for each significant element, when appropriate.]

In couple of words, what do you think this does?

What does this [element, label] mean to you?

Where do you think this would go?

Without clicking on it, what kind page/popup would you expect to find on the other side?


(Now that you have signed up to join the site, you are interested to make friends on this site.)         

So please go to the Friends section and send a friend request to George Bush.


Go to find a hike called “Dipsea Trail” from the Public Hikes section, and join them.


Now please go to the Friends’ Hike section of the navigation, and create a hiking event that is open to your friends. You want to call this event Seashell Trail, while you don’t need to add a destination. You want to set the event at tomorrow 15:00, and the responsible email address for this event is; you can drive, and you have three available seats in your car. Oh, besides, you want to meet up at 123 Cool St., San Francisco, CA 94502. Your GPS Coordinate 50’50”.

Questions after the Usability Test:

1. What was your overall experience with the application? On a scale of 1 - 5 (1-no interest, 5-greatest interest), can you rate your overall level of interest of TheHikery?

        (Follow-up: would you recommend this site?)


2. What do you like/dislike about the site’s features?  Did you find any particular features

    helpful/unhelpful? Please explain.

3. So this application is intended to help in planning and coordinating hikes. I would like to want to know what you thought about the planning and coordinating hikes features such as the joining a hike process and creating a hike process.

4. Did you think this application would help you in going on a hike?


5. After using this tool, do you think it would propel you to take part in a hiking type activity? (emphasis on the tool motivating user to go on a hike)

6. Imagine if you were to decide to go on a hike. In conjunction with  theHikery, what alternative tools you would use to facilitate a hiking experience?

7. Any other further THOUGHTS you would like to share.


I would like to thank you for your time today. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about theHikery or today’s usability test.

Also, please don’t forget to get your Jamba Juice gift card on your way out.

Thank you!