Naturalistic Observation

Objective:  To demonstrate naturalistic observation in the field.

Procedure:  Students will be assigned to a small group.  Then, each student will collect data on personal space in two distinct social situations—the cafeteria, gym class, the hallway between classes or before school, at practice, a restaurant, etc.  Each student will estimate the distance that individuals stand apart when they talk in this area, noting any differences between same sex and opposite sex individuals.  Be creative with your data collection;  for example, you can approach people with a yardstick, or you can count the number of tiles on the floor.  Come up with your own idea for data collection.

What do you need to turn in?

  1. Hypothesis - Which group do you expect to stand closest together?
  2. Data (Graph) - 18 data points (9 for each social context)
  3. Conclusion
  1. Summarize the data
  2. Reflect on the hypothesis
  3. Problems with research?
  4. Other assumptions about what influenced the data?