Non-Fiction Unit

Spring 2013

By the end of this unit, you will...

- define non-fiction and its purposes 

- read and interact with a variety of non-fiction texts

- curate at least three ‘mentor texts’ based on a self-determined theme / purpose

- write short summaries of curated texts to inform reader

- craft and publish a piece of non-fiction writing ← start here 

Potential Publishing Spaces

Choose one of the following digital spaces for you to publish your online work.

1) Write YouTube Description for AP / Sophomore Poetry Project:

2) Publish personal non-fiction to your blog (like Pico Iyer, Adventures in Depression, Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts like Moving, or The Alot is Better than You at Everything) or argumentative like (Changing Educational Paradigms, or Why Nikola Tesla was the Greatest Geek Ever)

3) Article for the School Newspaper (on Plymouth, PSHS):

4) This I Believe essay: (Elie Wiesel),

5) Teach what you're good at / give direction (Drive Nacho Drive) 

6) propose something to Ms. Kennett

‘Mentor Texts’

Prepare yourself for success by finding quality texts that will inform your final product

        What to do?

                - Find blogs, articles, essays, videos, how-to’s that relate to your Final Product

        Where to keep it?

1) set up a Pearltrees account - make your username professional

2) create a ‘Pearltree’ for your project - name it '

3) create ‘pearls’ using the URLs of your mentor texts

Final 'Non-Fiction Application Packet' to Ms. Kennett

- formal letter to Ms. Kennett (1-2 pages)

persuading her that you have successfully met the five objectives of the unit and explaining how,

assuring that you submitted links to the published piece and your Pearltrees

- demonstration that you understand non-fiction as a genre and have read and understood non-fiction texts

- text of your final writing piece (and shortened link to where it's published - use, process associated with your writing

- Pearltrees: 1) ‘mentor texts’ and their accompanying explanation, 2) pearl of your published text

- log of your daily goals / what you completed

Product Links and Formal Letter & Packet due Wednesday, April 10th

Thursday and Friday we read each others texts and Pearltrees