CTDS Meeting Minutes 1/9/2017

In attendance: Sharon Westlake, George Young, Wendy Carson, Margaret Granbery, Suzanne Ford

Treasurer’s Report: (attached); Margaret will forward Square receipts to Treasurer. George asked how to best handle the $1 charge per transaction.

Next Dance: Bryant and Christie with Chrissy Davis-Camp; George will run sound and Heather/Stephen will host. Margaret will run the elections.

Anniversary Dance January 28: Contraplicity and Janet Shephard. Potluck at 5:30. Logistics of the potluck were discussed. Problems with inviting group members to Facebook events were discussed.

Board Turnover: Margaret will help Wendy get all the information and access she needs as Treasurer.

Publicity: Suzanne put in listing with the typical local outlets. Suzanne created a Meetup Group called “Chattanooga Contra Dancers” to help spread the word.

Wendy agreed to lead a swing clinic during the break of a dance.

Next Meeting: Monday, February 6 at 6 pm at Yellow Deli