This list will be constantly updating so feel free to check in frequently. Thank you so so much for your support and donations. You have no idea how much your support is helping my community.

If you or anyone you know would like to put their small business or community effort program on here please direct message me.

Chicago St. Furniture Ethipoean owned, a company that has given back to the community so much, completely burned down-

Sharp360 Ethiopean clothing brand

Black owned businesses-

Los Ocampos Family run and have yet to reach their goal, they went to my high school please consider donating-

Northside funders (helps small various businesses) Lake street has raised over 2 million dollars and North Minneapolis hasn't raised much. Heres a link to help North Minneapolis’s businesses, manyyyy of which are minority owned-

 El Sabor Chuchi family small business-

MIGIZI a native american non profit that helps teach underprivileged youth entrepreneurship that my dad taught at. They finally finished the building and the space that they had been waiting for and it is now completely destroyed- Donate here  or donate here

Midtown global market-

Help lake street clean up-

Clientele Local Barbershop-

Flanders Bros Cycle-

RV house burned-

Joyeria Jelly-

Go Get It Tobacco-

El Taco Riendo-

8 familias, victims to the riots, apartment burned-

Twin cities recovery project-

Small used car shop-

Lloyds pharmacy-

Apartment building that was destroyed-

Rebuilding mpls-

Rebuild Lake street-

Bole Ethiopean cuisine-

Minneapolis Healing Path mental health clinic-

Small businesses on lake street-

Studiiyo23 recovery Egyptian owned sneaker shop-

Relief for Town Talk-

Hamburguesas el Gordo-

Damages to black owned business Optimism IC-

Save Mama Safias Kitchen-

Somali Museum of Minnesota-

Somali owned business Jigjiga business center LLC-

Japanese owned Midori's Floating World Café

Friedman's Department store

Sol Cal Surf-

Ngyuen Architects-

Apartment burned-

Local fund focused on strengthening the community (donates to small businesses)-

Immigrant owned family business-

Open door learning center (they help immigrants and refugees) many refugees are struggling at this time because it is triggering memories of when their countries were at war-

La raza radio sation-

Du Nord- Craft Spirits-

Emilys eatery-

Carniceria La Huazteca grocery store-

Wounded protestors medical bills-

Various small businesses-

Scores sport bar-

Help Tenants who lost their homes-