Champion High School

FIRST Robotics Team 2010 Lightning Bots

Dear Business Owner,

             FIRST Team 2010, The Lightning Bots, are proud to announce their eleventh season in the FIRST robotics program. Champion High School’s robotics team works year after year to inspire young people to investigate and experience mathematics, engineering, science and technology through a yearlong STEM program.  FIRST Robotics provides high school students with the opportunity to design, build, and program a robot for competition.  The competitions are high-tech sporting events where students learn the “joy and agony” of competition and the benefits of “gracious professionalism”.  FIRST isn’t just about building robots, it’s about developing life skills.  The students learn skills in relationships, teamwork, finance, fundraising, budgeting, and project management.

        FIRST Robotics has grown to over 3000 teams worldwide.  Corporate and community sponsors are the backbone of all FIRST teams.  This program has a large budget but the evidence is overwhelming that the benefits are well worth the costs.  FIRST provides students with opportunities for scholarships, internships, and the technical knowledge needed to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow. We aim to provide this experience to students, no matter what financial background they come from.

        How can you and/or your business become involved?  There are many ways; all of which are rewarding to your business and the students.  Please find enclosed with this letter a list of ways you can sponsor the CHS FIRST Robotics Team 2010.  Contact Barb Hummel at 330.507.6726 with any questions or to discuss donations. We thank you for your time and consideration!

Thank you,

Barb Hummel                        Samantha Young                        Mark McCall

Advisor                                Advisor                                        Advisor                

Make checks payable to:         Champion Robotics Team

Send donations to:                 Champion High School

                                Robotics Team #2010, Samantha Young

                                5976 Mahoning Ave NW

                                  Warren,   OH  44483