What is google drive?

Google drive is a tool that can help you in many different ways for example share documents with other people so that they can correct them well that is one thing google drive can help you with and there are a lot of more interesting things learn.

Google Drive

In google drive you can create all kinds of stuff for example documents,folder,presentation,spreadsheet,form,and finally drawing.


In google drive you can delete by looking for a button that says backspace and you press it and stop when you are finished deleting what you want.

In google docs you can organize by clicking create in the left upper side of google drive and press folder and create one so you organize documents in that new folder.

   How to share your documents

If you want to share your document with other people you can click in the upper right corner and put the email of the person you want to share it and click send

you can send documents presentations and other interesting things!! And onother way is by gmail isnt that great!

Step by Step

This is an instructional to share a document with whoever you want when you finish writing your document you look for a blue box that says share you click on it and you enter the email you want to sent to and share  it with. and the best part is that you can share all around the world and it is like you were besides each other


How does it help you become more efficient?

Google docs helps you by using all different kinds of tools and because if you're not it helps you being organized because you can create new folders etc.


i think i should have a three because i tried my best and included many details.