Towing Information

Types of Tows

Police Tows

The following categories of vehicles will be towed by private contractors under the direction of the police department: vehicles which impede snow plowing and removal operations; vehicles which are a threat or hazard to the public safety and peace; vehicles which interfere with the operation of the fire department; recovered stolen motor vehicles; vehicles which have been involved in an accident; and vehicles subject to removal for violations of the state la\vs and town by-laws. In addition, state agencies, such as the Massachusetts Highway Department ,  are authorized to have vehicles removed that interfere with the performance of their duties (e.g., removal of snow).

Trespass Tows

Any vehicle which is stopped, standing or parked in a prohibited location or tow zone as established by state law or town by-laws will be removed by a private tow company. A trespass tow includes removing cars that are illegally parked in a store parking lot and cars that are repossessed by creditors. Private tow companies must report to the police department the time and place from which a car was removed and who authorized or requested the tow.

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The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) regulates all tow companies in the state of Massachusetts.

The state office handles any disputes relative to an improper rate and/or a vehicle wrongfully towed in Massachusetts. This state office can explain the trespass laws for vehicles and necessary signage required for tow companies.


The maximum rates for police ordered and trespass tows are established by this state office under 220 Code of Massachusetts Regulations 272.00.


In your written complaint, please include your name, address, daytime phone number, a complete description of the complaint, and any actions taken to resolve it thus far. Also include all pertinent documents, such as tow slips, bills of lading, claim forms and/or correspondence relating to your complaint. A police report is not necessary.