Formatting Papers in Turabian Style Handout

The style handbook for the MALS program at ETSU is A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 9th ed. by Kate L. Turabian (also known simply as "Turabian"). This manual lists the specific requirements for how each element of your paper (e.g., margins, page numbers, titles) should look. Fortunately, most of the formatting is easy to do in word processors. Unless your instructor has her own specific rules regarding formatting, you should adhere to these standards for any paper for your MALS core classes.

Formatting Seminar Papers For MALS Courses

Below are some examples of the formatting required in Turabian style for a Title Page, a Body Page (with Parenthetical Citations), and a Works Cited/Bibliography Page.

Remember, you can find the complete formatting specifications for title pages, page numbering, and so forth in Appendix: Paper Format and Submissions of the Turabian manual. (Get the book! You will use it time and time again).

Formatting Thesis And Capstone Project Support Papers

Your thesis or the project support paper will need to be formatted differently than a seminar paper. Theses should be formatted according to the requirements set by the ETSU School of Graduate Studies. Capstone project support papers should follow the formatting rules outlined in the MALS Student Handbook. Additionally, you may want or need to follow a style and citation guide other than Turabian when writing your thesis or project support paper, depending on the nature of your paper and the recommendations of your Graduate Advisory Committee.

Title Page

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Body Page

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Works Cited or Bibliography Page

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