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Guidelines for Writing & Research

How to Write a Research Essay:

Sarah Hamid's Step-by-Step Guide to Research Essay Writing

Purdue Guide to Research Writing

TWU Research Essay Guide

Writing a (History) Research Essay

UVic Writing Guides:

UVic Writers' Guide

UVic Learning Skills Links

UVic Index to Grammar Materials

MLA Citation Format:

Duke Library's guide to in-text citation (MLA Style)

Duke Library's guide to works cited pages (MLA Style)

Citing electronic sources

Citation Maker: Basic Online Citation Tool

EasyBib: Basic Online Citation Tool

EndNote: Professional Citation Software

Bookends: Citation Software (Mac Only)

Grammar Guides:

EduFind English Grammar Guide

Purdue Online Writing Lab

CCC Foundation Guide to Grammar and Writing

Most Common Grammatical Errors

Deadly Sins Checklist

Using Relative Pronouns

Using Semicolons

A Research Guide for Students (includes citation guidelines)

Politics of Writing & Reading:

George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language"

Jim Holt on Truth and Bullshit

"The Nightmare of Citation"

"Twilight of the Books"


UVic Resources and Policies

The Learning and Teaching Centre - Writing Centre Appointments Information

Learning Skills Links

Calendar Policy on Academic Integrity

Indigenous Students Community

Resource Centre for Students with a Disability

Counselling Services

Expertise Database


Dr. Shlensky's Course Syllabi

English 414B - Spring 2013 - American Film 1945-present

English 439A - Spring 2013 - Postcolonial Literature and Theory

English 146 - Fall 2012 - Introduction to Literary Genres, Themes and Styles

English 414A - Fall 2012 - American Film to 1945

English 475 - Spring 2012 - North American Modern Jewish Literature

English 201 / A02 - Fall 2011 - Modernism

English 581 Summer 2011 syllabus - Postcolonial Caribbean literature

English 466 spring 2010 syllabus - Cultural Studies

English 200C Fall 2008 - Victorian Literature



Class Handouts

Peer editing worksheet for English 414B

Assessment Criteria for Undergraduate Student Research Essays

Glossary of Film Terminology

Modernism mind map

Assessment Criteria for Graduate Student Research Essays




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