unipon2kau2 20th anniversary exhibition in P.A.D. ART FAIR


20 years ago, unipon2kau2 was opened on December 3, 1993.

Therefore, I will organize [unipon2kau2 20 th anniversary exhibition in P.A.D. ART FAIR] that will be held as the 1st phase of the 20th anniversary event of unipon2kau2 in P.A.D. ART FAIR held in the exhibit hall of art event P.A.D. held in October.  

I will organize [unipon2kau2 20 th anniversary exhibition in P.A.D. ART FAIR] by a way of "salon des artistes independants".

Please check the following application.


[unipon2kau2 20th anniversary exhibition in P.A.D. ART FAIR]



October 8th (Tue) - 14th (Mon), 2013


Kadoma Shiminkaikan Lumiere hall 2F Exhibition hall

*Art event P.A.D. will be held on October 14th.

*Ending reception “B*A*R*T”: Oct. 14th at reception hall in Kadoma Shiminkaikan Lumiere hall 2F.


Oct. 7th (Mon) 13:00~18:00

*We will set up and install the art works from 14:00, please bring your art works by 14:00 to the venue.

Oct. 8th (Tue) - Oct. 14th (Mon) P.A.D. ART FAIR

Oct. 14th (Mon) Art Event P.A.D.

Oct. 14th (Mon) 18:00 -

*We will take out the art works from 18:00 until 20:00.

*Please bring the caption of your art work with your work.


Name (Artist name):



Materials, Technique:




*Please bring your art work to the venue by  13:00 on Oct. 7th.

*Please take out your art works by yourself on Oct. 14th 18:00.

You can apply by a way to send your art work if you can send your art work from 9:00am by 12:00 on Oct. 7th.

*Please bear the shipping cost of round trip including transportation insurance and tariff.

Please refer by email [info@unipon2kau2.com] for more information.


Size within: 50cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 5cm(D)

sculpture, object, installation:

Size: Please refer to us by email [info@unipon2kau2.com].

*The resident in domestic only.

*Please bring your art work to the venue directly on Oct. 7th 14:00 and please take out your art work on Oct.14th 18:00.

*Please prepare by each one if you need the exhibition fixtures, such as a pedestal.

*A dangerous object, the thing which emits a nasty smell, an explosive, etc. may refuse exhibition.

Application fee: 1,000JPY / 1 piece

How to entry:

Please send your name (artist name), the size of your work, materials, the category your address, your e-mail address, telephone number, website to <info@unipon2kau2.com>.

Terms for exhibition of UAPS (Japanese)→ http://unipon2kau2.com/UAPS_terms.html

*sales commission: free

*An application will be closed if a participant reaches a capacity.

*Please purchase the insurance for corruption and breakage by each one.



INABA, Takashi

[u:ni:pon2kau2 art project space & bar (UAPS)] 

13-5 Doyama-cho Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan Postal code 530-0027 

Tel/Fax 06-6313-2644 

e-mail: info@unipon2kau2.com 


[u:ni:pon2kau2] http://unipon2kau2.com/