Update & Reinstall Discs


For us, Update is a relatively small set of files that adds features to an existing system. This is typically within a Version, for example:  v2.5 would be updated to v2.5a.

Update fiile sizes vary from 8MB to about 22MB.


Reinstalls are major updates, like a Version number from 2.4 to 2.5.

Reinstalls are big files, two to three gigabytes.

For this discussion, we call both Update and Reinstall discs “Update”.

Check your Version First

Press the Menu button on the front panel.

Arrow Up once.

The Version information be shown.

Please write down both lines of information so you will know what version you used to have.

Making the Disc

After you download, you need to make a disc, typically using a blank DVD disc.

The file is a .ISO file, a disc image.

Do not copy it as a file to the disc. Use “Burn Disc Image” with your disc-burning software.  Two good software choices are Imgburn or Nero.


When the burning is done, put the disc into your HDi and turn on the power.  Internally, the HDi recorder is a computer so this means “Boot from the DVD”.

Booting from DVD will take longer than the usual start-up, over a minute.

The DVD drive light will flash a lot, then stay on.

Ultimately the usual front-panel menu display of menu options.  This is a LiveDVD so you can operate the HDi as usual and do all of the usual functions except burn a disc...because the system is operating from the disc.

If it doesn’t boot from DVD, see Booting from Optical Disc

To update/reinstall,

 Press the Menu button

Arrow Up once.  This displays the Version information of the new Version.

Arrow up several more times (about 8) until the front panel shows something similar to:

        Special Reinstall Disc

        Reinstall From LiveDVD

Press Enter, arrow Right or Left to see “Yes” and press Enter to confirm.

Now it’s a matter of waiting.  

Reinstall can take as much as an hour

Update takes 5 to 10 minutes.