14th Z Games Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I haven’t received a confirmation from ZSC yet regarding my registration. Does that mean I’m not registered?

A:  Until after the third and final deadline, May 28, we ask that you consider the follow-up email you receive from PayPal as confirmation of all of your ZSC-related purchases. Once the third deadline passes and all registration numbers have been tallied, ZSC will send out a separate and comprehensive email to all who registered with instructions on what to do next.


Q: Where will I be able to pick up my tickets for the social events?

A: Tickets for the social events will be made available for pick up during check-in hours on July 2nd, in the main gymnasium throughout the duration of the games, and at the front door of each respective social event venue. No tickets will be sent to you via mail.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for the social events?

A: Disco Night on July 3rd: All ages are welcome, though anyone under the age of 15 will require to be accompanied by an adult guardian (15+). All persons must have a ticket to enter the event.

Galaxy Game on July 4th: All ages are welcome! Children under two years of age will be admitted without a ticket and will be required to remain seated in the lap of their guardian. If the child has reached their second birthday, they must have a ticket to enter.

Banquet on July 5th: Only those aged 15 and above are recommended for this event.

Q: You mention the event is from July 2-6, but when do the actual games begin?

A: The actual games begin on the morning of July 3, following an opening ceremony which will take place at 8am. July 2nd is reserved for check-in only.

Q: I’m trying to book my flights, when and where is the best time/airport I should arrange to fly to?

A: We strongly suggest booking your flights to arrive mi-late afternoon on July 2nd. Transportation to and from the airport will be provided ONLY FOR FULL PACKAGE PARTICIPANTS during the hours of 2pm-9pm on July 2nd. and July 6th from 10:00am-6:00pm. Arriving into LAX airport is preferred, but we will accommodate those arriving into Long Beach Airport as well.  Transportation will only be limited to these two airports.

Return flights should be arranged for the evening of July 6th in order to ensure you don’t miss the closing ceremony, which should end around 5pm.  All participants who have signed up for “Game only” or “Social Events Only”  will be responsible for their own transportation to and from airport.

Q: What will the “dorms” be like? How many people to one room? And who will be my roommates?

A: The roommates are not selected yet. But we make sure that we check with all the full package registrants and get their consent on whom their roommates are. After the third deadline an email will be sent out and we ask everyone to email us if they want to stay with a particular person(s).  You can also email us your roommate preference in advance.

A family of four will be staying in a two bedroom apartment style (no kitchen and shared bathroom).

Others will be sharing a room with one person (two per room).

Q: I know it says 8 is the maximum number of players on my basketball team, but what if my team has 9?

A: Our rules and guidelines regarding all of our sporting events are very strict. The maximum number of players stated for each team sport is very clear and will not be changed under any circumstances. Please ensure your team is registered correctly prior to the start of the games. If you need to report changes to your team after having registered, please email us at zsc@fezana.org at any time and we will be happy to make those changes for you.

Q: How close is the Disco and July 4th event to the Campus?

A:  The events are right next to campus within a 3-5 minutes walking distance.  

Q: How close is the Banquet event from the Campus?

A:  The banquet event is roughly 20-30 minutes drive from the Campus.  Participants registered for FULL PACKAGE ONLY will be provided with bus transportation to and from campus to the venue free of charge.