Welcome to the Muscle Shoals Complimentary Ticket Program

The Muscle Shoals Ticket Outreach Program has concluded but ...

Muscle Shoals is still playing across the country. Please visit MuscleShoalsMovie.com for the current show schedule so you may purchase your own tickets to see the film. Also: see below for direct links for theaters that participated in our program that are still playing the movie. Don't wait – MUSCLE SHOALS IS ONLY IN THEATERS FOR A LIMITED TIME!

"Hands down one of the best music documentaries ever made." -The Seattle Times

PROGRAM COMPLETE: Complimentary tickets are no longer available to these shows.

  • Ann Arbor, MI (Michigan Theater) Encore shows!
  • Asheville, NC (Carolina Asheville 14) Held over!
  • Atlanta, GA (Midtown Art Cinema) Held over: 3 weeks total!
  • Austin, TX (Violet Crown Cinema) Held over!
  • Berkeley, CA (Shattuck Cinemas) Held over: 6 weeks total!
  • Birmingham, AL (The Edge 12) Held over: 8 weeks total!
  • Cambridge, MA (Kendall Square Cinema) Held over: 3 weeks total!
  • Charleston, SC (Terrace Theatre) Held over!
  • Corvallis, OR (Darkside Cinema) Held over!
  • Dallas, TX (Texas Theatre) Encore show!
  • Denver, CO (Chez Artiste) Held over: 5 weeks total!
  • Encino, CA (Town Center 5) Held over: 3 weeks total!
  • Fort Wayne, IN (Cinema Center) Held over: 3 weeks total!
  • Ft. Worth, TX (The Modern)
  • Jacksonville, FL (Sun-Ray Cinema)
  • Kansas City, MO (Tivoli Cinemas) Held over: 2.5 weeks total!
  • Minneapolis, MN (Lagoon Cinema) Held over: 4 weeks total!
  • Modesto, CA (The State Theatre)
  • Nashville, TN (Belcourt Theatre)  Held over: 5 weeks total!
  • New York City, NY (IFC Center) Held over: 4 weeks total!
  • New York City, NY (Symphony Space) Encore shows!
  • Park City, UT (P.C. Film Series/Santy Auditorium)
  • Pasadena, CA (Playhouse 7 Cinemas) Held over: 3 weeks total!
  • Portland, OR (Hollywood Theatre) Held over!
  • Richmond, VA (Criterion Cinemas at Movieland) Held over!
  • San Francisco, CA (Opera Plaza Cinema) Held over: 4 weeks total!
  • Santa Fe, NM (The Screen) Held over: 3 weeks total!
  • Santa Monica, CA (Monica 4-plex) Held over!
  • Seattle, WA (Harvard Exit Theatre & the Varsity) Held over: 5 weeks total!
  • Washington, D.C. (West End Cinema) Held over: 4 weeks total!
  • West Los Angeles, CA (Nuart)
  • West Newton, MA (W. Newton Cinema) Held over!

“[An] evocative, soulful, enormously entertaining tribute. -Gary Goldstein, LA Times

A triumph, a stunning, soulful achievement. A must-see
for even the most casual of music fans, so
chock full of moments of grace and beauty that
even the most jaded can still properly fall in love with it.”
 - Jason Gorber, Twitch

"A remarkably vivid chronicle." -Kurt Loder, Reason

"Music lovers will get plenty of thrills hearing first-hand accounts of how such classic tracks
as Aretha's 'Respect' and the Stones' 'Brown Sugar' were created." -

"A compelling, must-see documentary for any music fan" -IndieWire

"The documentary’s real highlights are the musings of musicians who recorded there. Aretha Franklin, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Cliff and Steve Winwood reflect on what made the town 'magic,' as Bono puts it." -Katie Van Syckle, Rolling Stone

"The story of how a sleepy town on the Tennessee River wound up a recording magnet for A-list artists is told poetically in Muscle Shoals" -Wall Street Journal

"The next must-see music doc. ... with a deep musical and human-interest appeal
augmented by exceptional doc photography ... a staple for Soul fans (alongside peers like
Standing in the Shadows of Motown)."
-John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

"One of the year’s most entertaining and enriching nonfiction films. It's an affectionate, uplifting film. A true treat. I'll be hard-pressed to choose between it and 20 Feet from Stardom as my favorite documentary of the year." -Marshall Fine, Huffington Post

“The best documentary of the year, whether you’re a music lover or not. Heartbreaking, inspiring, wry, thought-provoking, nostalgic, and genuinely funny.” -Michael Dunaway, Paste