Beginner Lesson Plan 3- Animation

  • Have students open links (backchannel, scratch, etc) (5 minutes)
  • Students write a brief intro on the back channel “My name is.. living in .. (5 minutes)
  • Eight blocks challenge - (20 minutes)
  • Show how to change a sprite and background
  • In groups/pairs students create a simple program using the 8 specified blocks. They can duplicate the blocks as many times as they like.
  • Students act out scripts (10 minutes)Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 2.14.15 PM.png



Programmed to Dance Videos:

Students create their own animations. (30 minutes)

  • Depending on the students comfort level you will need to teach them some or all of the following. Alternatively you could teach the students some of the following and then point them toward resources such as Scratch help cards and Scratch video tutorials to explore on their own.
  • Walk them through
  • Share with other students (5 minutes). Give students a chance to discuss the following:
  •  What were your challenges? How did you overcome them?  What are you proud of? What could be your next step?
  • Demonstrate how to share a project and add it to the beginner gallery (10 minutes)