Sylvie Corteel, CNRS

Enumeration of tableaux and plane partitions


Teaching Assistant: Alejandro Morales, UCLA (USA)

List of topics

1. Walks on Young's lattice and Standard Young tableaux

2. Robinson-Schensted algorithm

3. Walks on Young's lattice and Semi-Standard Young tableaux

4. Applications to (reverse) plane partitions

5. Geometric versions and random polymers

6. Other walks and exclusion processes

Lecture notes 


  1. Exercises,  Ejercicios.
  2. Exercises 3, Ejercicios 3 
  3. Exercises 4, Ejercicios 4 

Sage worksheet - cuaderno Sage 

Main References

1. Algebraic Combinatorics, Richard P. Stanley, Springer UTM 2013, Chapter 8.

2. Notes on “Counting with operators” by Guillaume Chapuy, 2013.

3. Notes on “RSK via local transformations”, by Samuel Hopkins.