Code of Conduct

As Dames of Destiny and Safe Gamer Members it is our responsibility to maintain our reputation, not only as safe gamers but to continue treating each other with respect. In addition to all guidelines established by Bungie, Sony, and/or Microsoft, we expect our members to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

Basically everything on this code can be summed up to fit under this concept:

“Providing a safe, fun, positive, supportive gaming environment for all members.”


If an issue arises:



All of the above guidelines pertain to live streaming on the Dames/SafeGamers channels and being in the Twitch chat.

Personal Streams 

We don’t expect to control your personal twitch channels. We do ask if you are representing dames (other than your clan tag ie header, logo, etc) you abide by the Dames/SG Code of Conduct.

Otherwise, you are free to stream as you like but keep in mind you are still representing Dames/SafeGamers, especially if you are displaying the clan tag, it is a great idea to have a disclaimer pointing out that your streams and fireteam members do not necessarily represent the clan.


Dames and Safegamers love to support great causes. The causes we are most likely to support are the ones the Destiny Community is focused on, and those run by verified non-profit organizations. If you have a suggestion for charity, bring it to an admin. If you see someone promoting a charity in chat, please note that ONLY an admin should be posting about charities.

We hope this just serves as a reminder to respect each other and be the amazing people we know you all are. This way we can enjoy gaming and show everyone what a great and talented clan we are.