Level 5 Instructor (All Disciplines)

Level 5 Instructor (All Disciplines)

Level 5 Instructor

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General Aims

The Level 5 Instructor Qualification, River, Sea and Open canoe is the highest instructional qualification awarded by Canoeing Ireland. It aims to enable candidates to:

  1. To carry on their remit as a Level 4 Instructor.
  2. Assess for the Canoeing Ireland Levels 1-5 Skills Awards.
  3. To be involved in  the sport of Kayaking at all levels, both personally and professionally.
  4. To play an active role in aspect of the development of the sport, be it through a club, on an individual instructional basis or through involvement with Canoeing Ireland.

Training Course Outline

The Level 5 Instructor Qualification requires that a candidate attend a 7 day training course and a two day assessment

The Training Course must be approved by Canoeing Ireland.  It  should run over 7 consecutive days - 4 days generic and 2 days discipline specific. The final day will be given over to feedback and action plans.  The Training Course will include and cover the following:

  1. Review of basic skills.
  2. Importance of Practice in skill development.
  3. Use of a swimming  pool for a session on rolling techniques and teaching.
  4. Learning and developing physical skills and Instructing processes.
  5. Working with long term and short term students.
  6. Looking at other specific competitive disciplines, such as slalom and marathon to develop awareness of Instructing techniques and tools.
  7. Use of other disciplines to develop paddle and body awareness and Instructing  e.g. open canoe / freestyle.
  8. Use of audio visual tools, such as video cameras, for Instructing.
  9. Observation of Instructors from non related activities.
  10. Observation of Level 5 Instructors in their chosen discipline at work.
  11. The chance to be observed, by Level 5 Instructors in your chosen discipline, Instructing a group using new skills and techniques learnt.
  12. A comprehensive review and evaluation of the course.
  13. Thorough individual debrief / feedback and agreed action plans.
  14. Agree on a suitable project to be carried out before the assessment.


To be awarded the Level 5 Instructor Award candidates must meet the following criteria

  1. Be a valid member of Canoeing Ireland.
  2. Hold the Level 4 Kayak Instructor qualification in their discipline.
  3. Attend a Canoeing Ireland  approved 7 day Level 5 Instructor training course within two years of selected assessment date.
  4. Meet all pre- assessment criteria as laid down in agreed Individual Action Plan on Training Course. Notwithstanding this, there must be a minimum time frame of 6 months between training and assessment, with a maximum time frame of 2 years. After this 2 year period has elapsed, then the Training Course must be re-taken at the discretion of the TDC, on an individual candidate application
  5. Work with two long term students who will be brought to the Assessment.
  6. Successfully complete a Level 5 Instructor Assessment.
  7. Hold a current and valid First Aid Certificate, as approved by the TDU of Canoeing Ireland.
  8. Be at least 18  years of age.
  9. Submitted your Garda vetting form.


The Assessment Procedure will be as follows:

  1. Meet all criteria as outlined in 2.01 – 2.07 above.
  2. Apply for Assessment through the Canoeing Ireland Office.
  3. Before applying for assessment, logbooks and action plans must have met a standard checklist upon submission to the Office.
  4. Action Plans and Logbooks must then be brought along to an assessment.
  5. Completed their Garda vetting application.

Format of an Assessment

The Assessment will take the following format

  1. It will be two  days in duration
  1. On Day 1 the candidate will be observed  working with his/her  2 long term students
  2. On Day 2 the candidate will be observed  working with another candidates students
  1. Present a project  in an interview with the assessors
  2. Be observed on each day by a different assessor
  3. Participate in seven Irish Canoeing Competitions or hold a Level 4 Skills Award in another discipline.


  1. Regardless of the result comprehensive written feedback will be given to the candidate
  2. If the candidate fails any part / all of the assessment then the whole assessment must be re-taken.
  3. Upon successful completion of an assessment then Level 5 Instructors must still work within the remit of the Level 4 Instructor as regards ratios and grade of water
  4. Assessors must be on the Canoeing Ireland Approved Level 5 Instructor Assessor Panel, or be approved by Canoeing Ireland .  Due to the lack of Canoeing Ireland Level 5 Instructor Panel members it is expected that  experienced and suitably qualified Instructors / Instructors from  CANI / WCA / SCA / BCU Level 5 Instructor / Instructor Assessment Panels will be used, until such time as there are a suitable number of Canoeing Ireland Panel members
  5. The ratio at assessment is to be  2 assessors : 2 assessees
  6. There will be no interaction between candidates and assessors until such time as the assessment is complete and results are arrived at.