Download an electronic map and complete the following. Copy/paste the items into your submission below:

Using The Map’s Legend

1. This official highway map was made for what two years? ______ & ______

2. What is the symbol for the county seat? __________________

Using The County Index & City Index

3. Name the county seat for Houston County. _________________

4. Name the county seat for Pope County. ___________________

5. Write the name of the county where each town is located. Also, find the county’s population.

Town                 Location         County                         County’s Population

 a. Mankato         19-H                 ______________                ______________

 b. Buffalo         16-I                 ______________                 ______________

 c. Moorhead         10-B                 ______________                 ______________

6. Locate the following towns on the map and write the name of the county in which they are found.

 Town                         County

 a. Kimball                 ______________

 b. Minneota                 ______________ 

 c. Grand Marais        ______________ 

Using The State Park Index

7. Could you swim at Jay Cooke State Park? Yes or No (circle one)

8. Could you cross country ski at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park?

9. Could you go biking at Sakatah Lake?

10. What state park is located north of the city of Luverne? _____________

11. What state park is located near the city of Little Falls? _____________

Miscellaneous Map Information

12. What is the elevation of Lake of The Woods? _________ feet

13. The interstate highway between the cities of Austin and Albert Lea. ____

14. The interstate highway between the Twin Cities and Duluth. _____

15. Does the city of Granite Falls have a commercial airport?

16. Does the city of Pipestone have a National Monument?

17. List the 4 states and the 2 Canadian provinces which border Minnesota.


1. ____________________         2. ______________________

3. ____________________         4. ______________________

Canadian Provinces:

1. ____________________         2. ______________________

State and National Land Areas & Reservations

18. Name the only two national forests located in Minnesota.

a. ________________________

b. ________________________

19. What state forest is west of Brainerd and near Gull Lake? ___________

20. What state forest is north of Roseau on the Canadian border? ________

21. The city of Mahnomen is in what Ojibway Indian Reservation? _________

22. The city of Cloquet is near what Ojibway Indian Reservation? _________

Using The Distance Table

23. Use the distance table at the top of the map of Minnesota to find the        distance between the following pairs of cities:

Example: Ely and Alexandria are 275 miles apart.

a. Albert Lea and Owatonna are _______ miles apart.

b. Red Wing and Hibbing are _______ miles apart.

c. Bemidji and Marshall are _______ miles apart. 

Figuring Mileage

25. Below are the names of two towns and the highway route used to get from one town to the other. With this information, add up all of the distances (using the red numbers) between the towns to arrive at the correct mileage.

Example: Floodwood to Remer

Highways #2 and #200 = 51 miles

(Note: Add all of the “red” mileage numbers between the two cities using Highways #2 and #200: 9 + 9 + 16 + 17)

a. Kasson to Hayfield – Highways #14 & #56 = ___ miles 

b. Thief River Falls to Roseau – Highways #59 & #11 = ___ miles

c. Kimball to Cosmos – Highways #15 & #7 = ___ miles

Using The City Map Inserts

26. By using the part of your map that magnifies the larger populated Minnesota cities, find the following:

a. What river passes through Brainerd? ____________________ River 

b. What lake is in the city of Rochester? ___________________ Lake

c. What state academy is located in Faribault? Academy for The ________

d. What river passes through Moorhead? ____________________ River 

Metropolitan St. Paul-Minneapolis Map

27. Using the Twin Cities Metropolitan map insert, answer the following:

a. Are Woodbury & Cottage Grove suburbs of Minneapolis or St. Paul?

b. Are Golden Valley & Minnetonka suburbs of Minneapolis or St. Paul?

Miscellaneous Map Questions

28. Find Little Fork, MN. How far would you have to travel to drive into Canada? Which roads would be the quickest route?

29. What kind of passenger transportation service is there between Brainerd and Mankato?

30. Fergus Falls is the county seat of what county?

31.Which county in Minnesota has the largest population?

32. What is the number of the state highway that goes through Albert Lea?

33. Can you go camping within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area? Yes or No

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