Teens’ Internet Safety Pledge


  1. I will be respectful to myself and others. I won’t bully and won’t tolerate bullying by others.
  2. I will be a good online friend and be supportive of my friends and others who might be in trouble or in need of help.
  3. I won’t post or send pictures or other content that will embarrass me, get me into trouble or jeopardize my privacy or security.
  4. I will respect other people’s privacy and be courteous when posting photos or other content about them.
  5. I’ll be conscious of how much time I spend on the web, phone and other devices and won’t let use interfere with sleep, school work and face-to-face relationships.
  6. If they need my help, I’ll assist my parents, teachers others in their use of technology.
  7. I will respect other people’s digital property and space. I won’t steal, hack, break into anyone else’s accounts or use other’s content without permission.
  8. I will protect my passwords and practice good Net security.
  9. I will be thoughtful in my use of copy and paste. If I use anyone else’s content

          or images I will quote them, give them credit and link to them if appropriate.

  1. I will help create a culture of respect and tolerance at my school and among my peers.


I agree to the above


Child sign here

I will help my child follow this agreement and will allow reasonable use of the Internet as long as these rules and other family rules are followed.


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