Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


A Guide for Parents/Carers

“...a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere”

“Pupils are polite and friendly”

Ofsted, June 2016

Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


This is a parent user guide that explains how we manage behaviour at Wheatley Park. The school behaviour policy is a further document that underpins how we create a safe and purposeful learning environment at Wheatley Park School. This can be found here. 

Visible consistency, Visible Kindness

Our vision for Wheatley Park is a school where every day we have Everyone Learning and Everyone Caring.  Every student at Wheatley Park has the right to learn in an environment free from disruption, therefore we seek in all of our students impeccable behaviour in all aspects of school life. Everyone learning at Wheatley Park is realised when students meet our very high standards of courtesy, respect for authority and self disciplined study. We do this by creating visible consistency with visible kindness. Visible consistency is what the students are getting everyday in our school and with visible kindness that is why it feels different.

We want the school to be a place of care, good humour and impeccable behaviour.

 School Rules

At Wheatley Park we have three very simple schools rules. Ready, Respectful and Responsible. We believe everything can be drawn back to these three rules. We should refer to them at every possible chance when interacting with others in our school.

When the Adults Change, Everything Changes

We have good systems in school but these are nothing without culture and we know the greatest force to influence culture in a school is adult behaviour, when this changes everything changes.

When each and every adult models the same behaviour across an organisation the aggregate of this quickly changes school culture, we therefore expect adults to clearly be the adult and to model the following behaviour:

  1. Language, always expressed as a positive and permeated with politeness and good manners
  2. Values, the school’s mantra reinforced and promoted at any and every opportunity
  3. Praise, given with specific reference to the process to develop mindsets so they embrace growth
  4. Warmth, always wearing a smile, talking to students in corridors and welcoming at the classroom threshold
  5. Forgiveness, we let go of negative emotions through restorative justice, every day is a new day and a new opportunity.

We know that when students in our school know the rules and associated consequences they can make the right choices. We show our care for students by having clear boundaries and issuing proportionate sanctions when they stray beyond them. This is Wheatley Park ‘tough love’.

Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


Visible Consistencies- Creating our Culture

These are the routines that happen in every classroom. These routines are needed to create a consistent experience for students. The collective power of everyone focusing on these routines is we change culture quickly, students will know what happens at Wheatley Park as a whole rather than in specific classrooms. This is how we do things at Wheatley Park.

Handshake meet and greet

Every teacher stands at the door of their classroom from when the last pupil is dismissed in the previous class to warmly welcome the entrants of the next class.

When we greet students we let them know how pleased we are to see them, we ensure an orderly entry and we are also able to observe inside the classroom and the corridor so students enter promptly.


Every lesson starts with SET. Students take their SEAT as located by the teacher and take out their EQUIPMENT. Then students get down to the TASK.  

Every lesson ENDS in a calm and orderly fashion with  EVERYONE standing behind their desks. NEXT the teacher focuses the class on their next lesson and then finally DISMISSES them in small groups calmly wishing them a good day.  

Warning Script

At Wheatley Park we believe in creating  common language of expectation and using scripted interventions to de escalate behaviour.  

When students are given a warning staff should use the following script to deliver it.

I noticed that…… you were talking across to another table  

This is not……….


This is now your warning.


But do you remember when……. Last lesson you focussed so well solve that problem……..

That’s the learner I want to see right now.  

*However for varying reasons the script may not always be used.

Seating plans

Seating plans must be conducive to learning so we can create the best learning environment possible. Students should not be sat in friendship groups or pairs.  

Addressing Pupils

Chromebook lids must be closed when the teacher is giving an instruction.  

Every task should be set with a clear working condition.

We have individual, pair and group.  


Individual work means exactly this, students work alone and in silence. Staff will indicate to students when they can use other means to get unstuck and then the silence will lapse.


Pair work means working with one other person only, using private voices, collaborating together for collective learning gain and there will be no interaction beyond the pair. All interactions will be work related.


Group work means working within the group only, using private voices, collaborating together for collective learning gain and there will be no interaction between groups. All interactions will be work related.  

Restorative Approach

At Wheatley Park we believe are behaviour systems need to be coupled with a restorative approach to improving student teacher relationships.  

We have three types of restorative practice:

  1. Check ins  
  2. Conversations  
  3. Conference (led by another member of staff).  

Best Conduct First Attention

At Wheatley Park we believe in making the majority famous in our school for doing the right thing. We look out for the BEST CONDUCT and give it FIRST ATTENTION by making students publicly aware.  

Only then do we turn to address poor behaviour

Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


Visible Consistencies- Creating our Culture continued….

Purple Postcards

Our main visible consistency to recognise students is via staff issuing Purple Postcards.

This is given for students who are ’Working Hard’ or displaying our school values.

This is how we make the majority famous in our school.

The process for issuing postcards is explained on the right:

Reward Experiences

Every term students are recognised for achieving the below criteria by being offered a ‘Reward Experience’ - details of the rewards can be seen here.

  • 0 sanctions
  • >95% attendance
  • >1 Postcard in a term
  • >Average A2L over 4

Purple Pages

Weekly bulletin sent via email that contains individual, personalised recognition of our students’ achievements.  Email any stories or pictures to Claire Drewitt in Student Reception

Student to Staff THANK YOU Postcard

Every student issued with a postcard in penultimate week of each term.


Please note that staff are encouraged to recognise students’ achievement in other ways in addition  to these visible consistencies

Celebration Assemblies

These recognise students’ progress every term in the ‘celebration assembly’. Students receive public recognition. Students meeting school value certificate thresholds will be recognised in this event - bronze (HOY) silver (AHT) gold (HT) alongside an attendance draw.

Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


The engagement systems at Wheatley Park have evolved over many years, in the development of our system for 2017-18 we are seeking even greater simplicity, clarity and certainty. We know that when students in our school know the rules and associated consequences they can make the right choices. We show our care for students by having clear boundaries and issuing proportionate sanctions when they stray beyond them. This is Wheatley Park ‘tough love’.

Further Guidance on our systems:
WARNING        A ‘warning’ clearly and firmly given to a student that their behaviour is unacceptable and needs to change. We will refer to the rules: Ready, Respectful, Responsible and promote students making the right choice because they are on the edge of a consequence.
REMOVAL        Bleep will be called for a removal and the student will be collected to go to central parking. The automatic consequence of this is a Red Zone the following day.  They will only return to lessons on the day of their parking if they are deemed to be in the right frame of mind to follow all instructions without further disruption. Any
student who is sent to Parking twice in one day will not return to lessons on that day.

Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


Automatic in class sanctions

Automatic Expectation Detention are given for those behaviours shown below by entering on SIMS with students receiving a 30 minute centrally held lunchtime detention

Automatic Truancy Internal Exclusion        

If a student truants a lesson, registration or assembly they will receive an internal exclusion sanction between 08:50-15:00

Automatic out of class sanctions

Outside of the classroom, any member of staff has the authority to enforce the rules by giving students an automatic expectations detention. All the rules except those relating to uniform apply to Sixth Form students also. At the point of issue the member of staff will convey to the student that there has been an infringement and a detention will be set.

Anti Social Behaviour

Disrespectful Behaviour

Late to School

We expect all students to arrive on time school at the start of the day. This means being in registration for 8.30am. Students are issued a Late to School detention if they arrive late.

Conduct outside the school premises

We will when necessary use consequences where behaviour falls below an expected level off the school site. This includes to and from school, travelling to and from school on the buses, when wearing school uniform in a public place, and on activities arranged by the school such as work experience, college courses, educational visits and sporting events.


Serious Offences:

There are a number of behaviours which will be dealt with by issuing a  IE (Internal Exclusion) or FTE (Fixed Term Exclusion).  These are detailed in the school behaviour policy.

Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


Uniform Rules
During 8.30am until 3pm we expect all students to comply with our regulations outlined in our Uniform policy.  Our vision is for all students to be looking smart and wearing the Uniform with pride every day. No student will be in lessons if they do not meet our uniform rules.

If a student is not meeting our basic regulations they will initially be removed from lessons and we will expect/ offer the following:

Any failure to adhere to these options will result in the student being removed from lessons until it is resolved.

If  students have an add on item listed below it will be confiscated/ removed and an automatic detention logged.

  • Headphones
  • Hoodies
  • Nail varnish
  • Excessive make-up
  • Extreme hair

In terms of equipment all students are expected to carry the following 6 key items of equipment as well as PE kit when needed.


WPS 6+1.


  1. Pen
  2. Pencil
  3. Whiteboard Pen
  4. Ruler
  5. Calculator
  6. Chromebook/ Planner


+ PE kit.

At Wheatley Park dealing with equipment must not slow down lessons.  

To support students taking responsibility for this we have the following  procedure:

  1. Lessons start with equipment on desks.
  2. Teachers lend equipment for the lesson if needed.
  3. Tutors log consequences through SIMs.

Behaviour for Learning

at Wheatley Park School


Our behaviour system has stages to tackle persistent disruptive behaviour. As students accumulate incidents they progress through different stages. At each stage a leader will be responsible for oversight of the stage, communication with families and evaluation of the impact of interventions.

Stage System

Pre-Stage 1        0 sanctions                Parents written to about the school’s behaviour policy


STAGE                TOTAL                        LEADER                ACTION        

Stage 1                0-5 sanctions                HOY/        AHoY        Telephone contact for each sanction

                                                                                                Monitoring post each sanction


Stage 1 Intervention. On 5th sanction, meeting with HOY to set up BC and discuss appropriate support for the child.

Stage 2                6-10 sanctions                HOY                   Behaviour Contract to HOY

Stage 2 Intervention. On 10th sanction, meeting with HOY to set up IBP and discuss appropriate support for the child.


Stage 3                11-15                        HOY                       IBP 6 weeks to HOY, Meetings fortnightly

Stage 3 Intervention. On 15th sanction, meeting with SLT to set up PSP and to discuss appropriate support for the child.

Stage 4                16-20                        SLT                 PSP to SLT 12 weeks to a maximum of 16


Stage 4 Intervention. On 20th sanction, meeting with SLT to review PSP and to discuss appropriate support for the child.

Stage 5                21+                        SLT                      PSP to SLT 12 weeks to a maximum of 16 Weeks

Stage 5 Intervention. Appropriate next steps discussed which could include manage move or permanent exclusion.