Wednesday 11 may 2016

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 Great White Shark

What Am I Brainstorm

1. I live in the sea most people are scared of me

2. I am a super swimmer and I am the largest predatory fish on the planet.

3. I can grow to around 4.6m long, but some of my family have been measured at 6m

5. I eat fish

6.I am very fast

9.I have a Big joure [6]

10.I have sharp teeth

11.i sleep at night  

12.I have gilse

13.I sneak up on seals and atak

14.I can atak wails

15.I am the third most dangerous sea animal


What Am I riddle?

I am one of 440 species of my kind.

I am as fast as lightning.      

I am the only one of my species that can take on a whale.

I eat all sea animals, I especially like seals.

I am as big as an elephant.

I am the third most dangerous sea animal.

I am not nocturnal.

When I sleep I keep moving all night.

What Am I?