Can you help me plan for iPad implementation?

From September 2012 our school will have a class set of iPads available for booking. This is the first time that ipads will be used in our school (secondary, 1500 pupils) so I am anxious that they are deployed effectively. If you can add your ideas or experiences here I’d be grateful. :)



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Allocate one iPad to a teacher from each department to take away play and come back with ideas on how to embed in curriculum. Share the ideas teachmeet style and incorporate into a planning and acceptable use doc. curriculum


set challenge sessions for the students eg how could using the camera support your work in Geog - share their ideas with staff


don't use them like a set of net books, moving from one class to another, lesson to lesson. The iPad is a personal device. They are best used in one class for an extended period (two weeks at the very least). This should enable the teacher to embed their use in the curriculum. They are best used as another tool, sitting on the table waiting to be the best tool to complete a particular task. Teachers will find ways of using them and children will suggest how they could use them - if they have them for an extended period.

Use apps like ‘Explain Everything’ - record live learning, then take opps to give personalised feedback based on this.


Same app as above, teacher photo/screenshot chn’s work, then record their marking/suggestions over the top.


Allow chn to create content themselves - personalising the curric, away from topic being taught


Get teachers to record themselves/create screencasts to be able to give personalised inputs to ind chn, or have ‘virtual’ teachers with other gps you’re not working with.


Move people away from recording in textbooks. Use ibookcreator, scribblepress etc to create e-books, export and send to child/parent/carers mobile devices.


make sure they can be booked out at weekend and holidays....nothing worse than unused kit in cupboards


Choose initiative from SDP and work out activities to support that eg imrpving standards in boys writing - project based, time limited with success criteria


Create a folder of generic ideas for the use of iPads. I recently completed a course with Ciaran McCormack from (Technology Made Easy) It was amazing and he has some great ideas. One of my favourite ideas which is very suitable for secondary school was the use of the ‘Comic Life’ App. I also think it is vital for teachers and pupils to be shown how to use the iPads with an    information reminder pack in a folder to go with the iPads.

The pack should include training and then information on how to:

• How to use the iPad

• How to turn the iPad on and off.

• How to put the iPad to sleep, How to use the keyboard.

• How to cut, copy and paste.

• How to search for Apps.

• How to take a quick photo using the camera app.

• How to find the Photo and Pinch zoom

• How to use notes

• How to create Posters

• How to use multitasking

• How to connect to the internet

• What is Dropbox and how to use it

All these functions will form solid foundation from which to build for each class. Also cleaning the iPad after a class has used them for two weeks will be necessary as the memory will become full.

Some useful generic education apps:

  • Puppet pals (Junior Cycle suitability)-allows to make animations using still objects
  • Comic life
  • Garage Band-creating songs, radio shows and movie trailers.

Use the camera to have students create revision videos such as these 


Great ideas on deploying tech in this website from @tonyvincent

@LittleAngelsSch -using an iPad as a teacher everyday


One school’s iPad journey...useful reading for anyone starting off


Cool Apps for School


Primary school-each of 16 classes has a 40-50 min slot per week. So far just familiarising kids with iPads. iPads numbered so children take the same iPad each time. Email link to teachers iPad to send completed work. Games on phonics, Maths, story writing, garage band. Animation projects using clay figures made by children. System of moving iPads from class to class works, need more teacher upskilling. The iPad work is not integrated with the curriculum yet. About 4 months in place.


Feel free to access our iPad bootcamps for students, teachers and parents. Although some of the content is specific to our campus, most can be applied to any school.






Friendly Guide to Deploying IPads in School