NOTE!! All the dog places are full! You can still enter as “audit” ie. come follow the trainings at the beach area without a dog.

Fourth International Water Rescue Camp -9-12.7.2015 Taavetti, Finland

Address: Taavetin Lomakeskus & Camping: Rantsilanmäki 49, 54510 Uro, Taavetti


Jan Counotte (Belgium)

Agnieszka & Rafal Wroblewska-Rubinkowska (Poland)

Ilse van den Wyngaert (Belgium) *will be confirmed later*

Annina ja Bettina Salmelin

Visiting friends from abroad: Ronnie Taft (Australia) ja Kathy & Mitchell Ayer (USA)


1 x trainings

1 x lecture


1 x Finnish Kennel Club’s official waterwork test (remember to enter separately; see below for details)

1 x Unofficial water aptitude test (dogs that are participating at the official test can perform this at the end of the day)

1 x Evening lecture (“Waterwork in different countries”; lecture in English)


2 x trainings

2 x lecture



2 x trainings

1 x lecture

More information:

The waterwork camp is suitable for all dogs from puppies, beginners to advanced dogs. During the first day all participants are divided into smaller groups of between 3-5 dogs depending on their level and what they are aiming to get out of the camp. The smaller group sizes guarantee individual attention during the trainings. The trainings will be mostly conducted in English. Welcome to once again a great training weekend in Finland!


Participation information:

# 50€/dog/weekend (includes entry to the water aptitude test on Friday)
# Audit 25€/person/weekend (ie. participation to watch the trainings without a dog)
# Lunches (thurs 2x, Fri 3x, Sat 3x, Sun 2x): 70€/adult/weekend OR 20€/adult/day; 40€/child/weekend OR 15€/child/day.

# T-shirt 10€ (XS-XXL)

The entries are on a “first come first served” basis, with the exception of Newfoundlands and all other breeds from our previous camps (until 1st May 2015). The remaining places from 1st May onwards will be filled with other breeds on the waiting list in order of entry.

A handler is welcome to participate at the camp with max. 2 dogs. The dogs can either take 2 training spots (e.g. active currently competing young dogs) or they can share a training spot (e.g. one young dog one old dog) where one dog trains in the morning group, the other one in the afternoon group. We hope that everyone evaluates their own dogs and decides before entry on if they will take one or two training spots as we would hope to also get to see some new faces at the camp. The trainings are intensive 1,5 hour sessions.

Please fill a form for EACH dog separately, but only fill the handler information / lunch form ONCE. If you are participating with two dogs that alternate and want both to participate at the water aptitude test, it'll be an extra 10€. If two dogs are alternating the trainings (morning/afternoon), you will only pay for one "dog fee", if the dogs are taking one spot each for both morning and afternoons, it'll be two "dog fees".

Kennel Club’s official water rescue test:

Classes: Junior (6-12 months), Beginners (>12 months Newfoundlands and Landseers not having competed in Finland before), Open, Winners and Sove (>12 months all other dog breeds not having competed in Finland before)

Entries by PHONE ONLY on 10th June 2015 to
Yrjö Mäkelä phone number 00358 405 911 058 between 18-19 (camp participants) or 19-20.00 (all others).

More information: (If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email!)

Judge: Teemu-Pekka Virtanen, boat judge: Marika Mantyla

Dogs that are entering the offical waterwork test but NOT the water rescue camp:  water aptitude test 10€/dog, lunch 15€/adult, evening lecture 10€/person.

Official water rescue test rules

Remember to mention that you are participating at the water camp and you’ll get a discount. Cabins 7-13: thurs-sun 150€/cabin, fri-sun 112€/cabin (no extra for dogs)

All other camping options (10€/dogs)

Camping bookings:   Phone: 00358 207 199 771

Entries and more information:

1. Fill in the entry form OR book a place by email ( by 1st May 2015. You will then receive a confirmation email with payment details and your our place for the camp will be reserved for the next 2 weeks. If over 14 days has lapsed between the entry and payment, your place will automatically be given to next in line. (If you are in a tough financial situation but do want to enter early; send me an email and we can arrange for a non-refundable deposit to be paid within the 2 week period with the rest of the payment before 1st May).

2. Pay the entry and lunches. Write “Waterwork camp”, your name and dog’s name on the payment slip. Note! Payments will not be refunded in case of cancellations!
(Bitches in heat are NOT allowed to participate at the camp or brought to the area. IF your bitch is in heat, your camp entry will be refunded fully by showing a vet’s certificate)

3. Fill in the entry form

4. Send a copy of receipt to ( or by post  (13 Gorton Place, EH24 9BL, Rosewell, United Kingdom) by 1.5.2013

5. Book your camping directly from Taavetin Lomakeskus & Camping. Remember to mention your participation to the camp (so that you get a discount and a cabin near the beach)

6. Book the water test place on 10th June between 18-19 by phone: 00358405911058 / Yrjö Mäkelä

7. You will receive a camp info letter at least 2 weeks before the camp

More information about the site:

Waterwork sites 1 & 2 are by cabins 7-12. The waterwork site 3 is by cabin 1.
All the lunches, lectures etc. will be held by cabin 3 (also toilets and showers are located there).

lMap of the area

Unofficial water aptitude test


1. Retrieve an article from 10m. (use your own toy)

2. Swim 40m (e.g. swim to a boat at 20m or with the owner/handler)

3. Saving a drowner from 20m (with harness or toy)

The dog will NOT be awarded points for the exercises, but instead its character and temperament will be evaluated by words. The dog will either get a “pass” or a “fail”, but each section can be attempted twice during the same event.
More information about the exercises (in finnish)
Ask for more info: