New God: Aragno

Mayan God of Spiders

She assisted in the killing of Jyunkyupuku, the tyrant of Jonkopingpong the city which it besieged for 3 millenia. With her spoderly senses she sucked the juicy bits out of the enemy and won. Glorious in her victory the Mayan gods of honor gave her deity status, she immediately posted this on tumblr and became officially God of Spiders since she had 8 legs and shat spiders for some unknown reason.




Gods - Balance

Due to the imminent SMITE official release we decided to remove gods that we consider have not received sufficient attention to balance, and apply small changes to those that are closer to being balanced.

Gods - Balance

This leaves the game with a total of 29 gods, 14 magical gods and 15 physical gods.

Regarding the remaining gods we decided to apply some small changes and fixes where applicable: