If the witches never told macbeth about his future, would any of this happen?

Are we not responsible for our actions?

Was he always destined to act this way?

Macbeth also went back to the three witches- he craved the darkness as much as lady- and he got even worse toward the end than lady macbeth.

-hot seat- spekaing of the darkness and witches- they said that macbeth was going to be king, but they didt say what he had to do to be the king- did he act on his free will or was he destined to follow this dark path- and if it was free will, was this what they wanyted to happen?

        Macbeths decisions vs banquos decisions- totally different paths-

        Would the witches have been right, ?

        Too many influences- the wife, the withches, opportunity to make a move-

If he wasnt so afraid of her, woud he have done it?

He never had the drive to do it in the first place.

        Maybe the fate was to kill duncan. What if it was just a coincidence that duncan came to macbeths that night.?

Would macbeth had been a better leader if he hadnt killed anyone? Once he killed people, he just got worse?

First there was duncan, and then malcom- he probably wouldve died before he had a chance to be king, so thats why he did it

-does that mean one decision changes your fate?

        Does fate really exist, or is it made up by humans to blame instead of taking responsibility for their actions?

Fate shows up in the story so much- the witches, Duncan shows up to macbeth’s castle, left him in a room unguarded

But no one knows what happened when he killed duncan, because it was off stage- directors have to make those decisions

Why didnt shakespeare write anyone’s death in the play? He put no details in-

        Lots of details with banquo

And banquo died in the dark.

When it is left to your imagination- it forces you to think of about it and put your perspective on it.

Literary allusion to oedipus

Is macbeth the protagonist of the story? He overcame battles to reach an ultimate goal- but he was a bad guy.

He became literally the most hated person.

Macbeth changed throughout the story- he was the protagonist and you want him to keep being good. “Let not light see my dark desires” it was in him before lady macbeth is in the play-

He turned on his own kin and he switched

Yeah but he changed because of other people. Everybody chagned.

There is so much character change-

Macbeth was thinking short term- not long term.

He was thinking of consequesnces b

But he still made the bad call.

The way that macbeth saw it, he thought lady macbeth told him they are dead they cant hurt us-

If he wanted them dead he had someone else do it-  was that better or cowardly?

Lady macbeth and macbeth switched.

We are all the protagonist of our own story- we want to not be like macbeth and let others change us into ruthless horrors.

But how do we know what is right and wrong?

Macbeth hired people to do his killing for him- after killing duncan, he couldnt go back and finish the job.

Do we think he wanted to be king? Did he have morals and she messed them up? Everyone wants more- so maybe he wanted it

Lady macbeth and her guilt- she called upoin the forces of evil- was she actually possessed by supernatural forces?

Maybe the wtiches knew what he was going to do, but they wanted him to think he was acting on free will.

Is he a bad guy?

What makes people bad?

From macbeth’s pov he was killing his enemies.

It all comes down to your morals and how you were raised- if we think about rivaling nations, each side is brought up beign told to murder the other guys- the bad guys- the germans were told we were the enemy, and

Why does there always gotta be an enemy?

What is the point of life without adversity? Nthing is going to matter if everything geoes right

Going back to who is the real enemy? The person in power is the real enemy- because they wanty to make everyone else belive what they think so they are imposing their views on everyone else- and that piuts them against the rest of the world.

There are lots of ways to approach the problems - not with violence. We have so many problems today because we kill people to solve our problems and that doesnt work

Well there has to be some kind of balance between the foreces of good and evil- too much of anything is nto right.

Going back to different ways to approach situations0 you always want to start with the most peacefull situation possible, but its not always that simple-

There needs to be a balance- can you have too much good? Its unhealthy to have only good.

Fate doesnt exist- we make our own choices- we do what we want to do- we made it up so we could rely on something to blame-

What makes us make the decisions we make?

Humans have programmed emotions- we all dont want to feel guilty- we avoid certain

We make excuses to make us seem like good people.

Eveything is from our own minds- that voice inside of your head is yours-