The next morning.

「Thank you for taking care of me.」

「Please come again.」

 Ringo's parents came to pick her up.

 After staying at a hotel for some time,

 it seems they've rented a new apartment.

「Ringo-chan has left.」


「I thought Ringo-chan would be living here all the time.」


「Because, it's oniichan!」

「What is it?」

 Let's stop Aya's comic act around here......


「There's something important we need to discuss, Elena.」

「Okay, what is it?」

「There's a lot of things left unsettled,

 what will you do from now on?」

「From now on?」

「Elena, you've been kidnapped by me but,

 the original purpose,

was to protect you from the danger of war.

 And, the war has already been settled......」


「They are now dealing with the aftermath of the war and the King will return to the Royal Capital around this weekend as well.

 So, at that time, to the King's place......」

「I-, I don't want to!

 I want to be with Seiji-sama!」

「How are you going to explain it to the King?」

「T-, That's......」

「Nii-chan!  Are you going to send Elena-chan back?」

「That's not what I'm saying,

 isn't Elena in a runaway-girl-like situation right now?

 It's no good if we don't take her in properly, I think?」

「T-, That's right but......」


 P-, Please, marry me!」


「I don't want to be separated from Seiji-sama.

 I'll dedicate my body and soul to Seiji-sama,

 so please, let me stay here together with you.」

「E-, Elena......」


 Ah, crap! I can't endure it anymore.

「Y-, You cantttttttt!!」


 Why not?」

「T-, That's......

 well, uhh......

 Ah, that's right!

 Because Elena-chan is mine,

 I can't hand you to onii-chan!!」


「I'm glad, Aya-san but......

 a girl companion, is a little......」

「It's fine. Gender is not a hindrance as long as there's love......」

「I understand, well then,

 let's get along, the 3 of us, with Seiji-sama......」

「With oniichan?......

 I-, It would surely be no good!」

 I gave the crown of Aya's head a chop.

「Calm down, Aya.」


 Thanks to Aya, who has been behaving recklessly, I've recovered my senses.

 Just now, my senses had been blown away for a moment......

 If Aya wasn’t here......

 it may have become dangerous......

 well, it may have been good though.

 I switched my mood.

「Though I feel glad, you're rushing this decision too much.」

「B-, But......」

「First of all, Elena is 15 years old right now, I think?

 In Japan, you can only get married from 16 years old.」

「Then, let's wait until my birthday.」

「No, if you're getting married under 20 years old, you need the consent of your parents.」

「Otou-sama's consent......」

「I also love Elena very much.

 Because there's still time, let's think about the future slowly.」

「Yes! Seiji-sama.」

 Elena and I stared at each other for a while.

 Aya was scowling at me from the side.


 And then, time passed......

 Saturday of the week.

 Aya, Elena and I

 had an audience with King Delaidos.

「Oh, Elena has returned.

 Come here.」

「Otou-sama, I......

 I want to be with Seiji-sama.」

「What did you say?

 It's not necessary to be protected by that guy anymore!」

「Please listen, otou-sama.

 When I was together with Seiji-sama, I've learned many things.

 I think that it will surely be beneficial to this Delaidos Kingdom too.

 Please give me permission to be with Seiji-sama for a while right now.」

「It's no good. When you're together with such a guy, you don't know when he'll violate you.

 Quickly, come over here!」


 What a guy.

 It can't be helped, let's give her a hand.

「Hey, your highness.」

「What is it? You have no business left here anymore, quickly leave.」

「Putting that aside, return the gold I've lent to you.」

「I-, I don't know of such a thing!」

 Uwa, this guy intends to shirk payment.

「I see, I see! If you don't pay......」

「What about if I don't pay!?」

「I'll have Elena instead of the gold.」

「What did you say!!?」

 I drew Elena close to me a little violently.

「Kyaa! S-, Seiji-sama.」

 Elena chose to remain still.

「Curse you!! S-, Shit!

 Taking advantage of my weakness!!!」

「Look, your highness.

 A promise is something made up of a fiduciary relationship with each other.

 When you always do things like betraying trust.....

 Your country shall perish!」


 Ignoring the King who sunk into silence, we left the castle.


「I'm sorry, Seiji-sama. Because of me, you have acted in such a play.」

「It's not『I'm sorry』but『Thank you』. Right, Elena?」

「Yes! Thank you very much!」

「Nee, Onii-chan!

 Until when do you intend to hug Elena?」

「Because Elena has become mine,

 isn't it fine for me to hug her for as long as I want?」


 Because what's yours is also mine, onii-chan.

 So Elena-chan is mine!」

「You really,

 then, what's yours is also mine?」


 What's mine is mine!!」

 What's this, Jaianism!!!?[1]

[1] This is in reference to the anime Doraemon’s Takeshi Gouda a.k.a Gian(Giant)/Jaian’s infamous catchphrase “What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine.”