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GATE Busing Information
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GATE Busing Information

Full Time Busing:   Qualified students who live in the attendance area of one of the schools assigned to a regional full-time gifted site school will be bused to that school.  As with most busing in the district, students are picked up and returned to regional pickup points, not necessarily their home address.

       If the parents choose to open enroll their child in a full-time gifted class at a different regional site, the parents must provide transportation.  Parents who live outside the district will need to provide transportation for their child.  Busing is not provided to any first grade full time sites, with the exception of the Highly Gifted Program at Collister.  

Pull Out Busing:  Busing is provided from the student’s neighborhood school to the pull out site.  Private and charter school students need to provide their own transportation.