Dear Sponsor,

The Smithtown Mechanical Bulls is not only a competitive robotics team, but also a generator of opportunity for the next generation of thinkers. In recent years, we have improved exponentially. As our influence grows, so does the benefit to your company when you support us. However, to achieve the goals set for the future, we need your help.

Within our organization, the Bulls are known as FIRST Robotics Team 810. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) is a world-renowned non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging involvement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and creating a workforce of efficient organizers, problem solvers, and—most importantly—life-long learners. To achieve this, the organization gives teams like ours six weeks to design, engineer, construct, and program a robot that can succeed in a given challenge. After the build season, regional competitions then ensue that reward teams not only for the performance of their machines, but also for their safety, spirit and community service. Some of the recent awards The Mechanical Bulls have won are:

This season has been one of the team’s most successful, but our positive impact and achievements aren’t limited to competitions. In a season, we make many appearances at  local fairs, SBPLI meetings, parades, charity fundraisers, school district board meetings, and various STEM events, all the while proudly bearing the message of FIRST and our sponsors. Team banners, gear, and even robots bear the logos of our most generous supporters, who we continuously benefit by advertising during the aforementioned outreach.

To us, sponsorship isn’t simply a contribution to our team; it’s a bidirectional relationship between our Mechanical Bulls family and you. Each award, competition, and outreach event brings more attention to us and our sponsors, but to sustain and improve this performance, we need your support in the form of mentors, supplies, or cash donations. Sponsorship allows us to reach our goals of starting new robotics teams, spreading STEM, and improving our community.


Taylor Pedley, Vice-President of Management

David Savage, Head Mentor

For more information please visit our website, or send us an email at: or