Iowa City Eels Swim Club

Fees and Financial Responsibility

Monthly Practice Fees: ICE operates on a twelve month calendar (Sept. - Aug.) and monthly fees pay for pool time and coaches’ salaries. Fees differ according to the swimmer’s practice group. Current monthly fees are as follows (adjustments are made for High School swimmers as well as for Outreach athletes):











Summer College Swimmers
Senior Level
Masters Level

(all fees are seasonal)



Equipment Fees: Chlorine and water are especially hard on necessary swim equipment. This fee supports the upkeep of timing equipment, computers, lane lines and any other equipment necessary to maintain the sport. This year we are introducing a tiered fee system for payment of equipment fees in an effort to accommodate the varied income levels of ICE families.  Please select the highest tier you can afford to allow ICE to best utilize our funding resources to continue to improve the quality of each swimmer’s experience:  Tier A - $300; Tier B - $225; Tier C - $175; Tier D - $120.  This fee is paid at registration. 

USA-S registration fees: ICE is registered through USA Swimming, our national governing body. Coaches, board members, officials, and meet directors must be non-athlete members of USA Swimming. All swimmers must be registered as athlete members with USA-S. For 2017, this fee is $70/individual/ year, paid at the time of registration. For insurance reasons, swimmers cannot practice until this fee is paid.

Fundraising Fee: Each family is assessed a seasonal fundraising amount twice per year: $125 for families with a single athlete, and $200 for families with 2+ swimmers. The fundraising fee is paid two times in one year to coincide with the two competitive seasons (fall/winter: short course; spring/summer: long course).  You may participate in team-sponsored fundraisers or simply pay all or part of the fundraising obligation. Balances cannot be carried over from one season to the next.

Volunteer Requirements:  ICE requires each member family to fulfill volunteer requirements for the meets we host.  If meet volunteer requirements are not met, a financial penalty is imposed.  Please review the Volunteer Expectations document to ensure you are familiar with those requirements and the financial consequences if those requirements are not satisfied.

Meet Entry Fees: Swimmers must pay entry fees to participate in each meet. The fees are paid to ICE, who enters the swimmers and sends the fees to the host club. You will be invoiced for each meet your swimmer enters. Meet fees are usually about $40/swimmer/meet.

Payment: Fees are due by the 15th of each month. All swimmers, including Masters are required to set up autopay for monthly billing. If you choose to pay with a credit card, you will be assessed a 4% finance charge to cover the credit card fees associated with the transaction. To avoid this charge, you may sign up for ACH/Automatic Withdrawal from your checking account. If your bill is not paid in full by the 15th, you may incur a $5 late fee. If this creates a hardship for your family, please contact Biilling to make alternate arrangements. Failure to pay the monthly fees for two consecutive months will render that family’s swimmer(s) ineligible to practice or compete until the account is brought up to date. The fundraising fee is due at the end of each season; however, you can pay it at registration and not have to worry about it later. Checks can be left in the ICE drop box at Mercer or mailed to ICE Swim Club PO Box 2353 Iowa City, IA 52244.

Withdrawal From ICE: If your swimmer will be withdrawing from ICE at any time after registration and before August 15, 2018, you must complete a withdrawal form and return it to the ICE office at Mercer at least two weeks before leaving the club AND notify the President of the Board of Directors (  You will be responsible for all swim fees for 2 weeks following the date this form is received. In addition, you will be obligated to fulfill your fundraising obligations and meet volunteer requirements that are due for that season.  Emergencies, illnesses, and injuries can occur which might require an early and unexpected removal from the ICE family. If such a circumstance occurs please contact either Head Coach Don Spellman (351-3336 or, or Head Assistant Coach James Davis (

High School Swimmers: Club members who will be spending part of the Fall/Winter (Short Course) Season swimming for their high school are expected to register during the Fall registration period in order to guarantee their spot in a training group and avoid late registration charges. All high school swimmers will pay for their first month of training at registration along with their USA-Swimming registration fee. HS swimmers will be billed a prorated amount equal to 1.5 months once they are (back) in the pool with ICE (Oct/Nov for HS boys and Dec/Jan for HS girls). All swimmers will return to regular monthly payments in February. Volunteer requirements, fundraising requirements and the equipment fee are unchanged from those listed above. 

Outreach (Scholarship) Athletes USA Swimming is committed to providing outreach membership for families in need. The goal of offering outreach membership is to provide opportunities in swimming to economically disadvantaged youth in the United States. Qualified Scholarship Athletes may register using the national fee for outreach membership of $5.00 if both of the following are completed at the time of registration:

Athletes so qualified are eligible for these benefits from ICE:

Athletes so qualified are eligible for these benefits from the Iowa LSC:

Families of scholarship athletes are still required to meet any and all fundraising requirements as well as any and all meet work requirements. Neither of these requirements necessitates out-of-pocket expenditures and in most cases do not, by themselves, pose an additional financial burden.

College Swimmers pay all practice fees and equipment fees for the summer season at registration. They have no additional fundraising requirement. Swimmers not already registered with USA-Swimming for the current year must also pay the USA-S registration fees at registration.

Master's Swimmers do not have fundraising or USA-Swimming obligations but they will be assessed an equipment fee of $120 at registration. Masters must register with US Masters and provide proof of registration each year. Master's swimmers must also set up autopay for monthly or quarterly billing.

Updated 4/24/18