We are committed to

 We fulfil our mission by

Our role in the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church

  • believing that Christ can be found in every person
  • proclaiming, and being witness to, the Holy Gospel
  • celebrating our Catholic Tradition through regular prayer and worship
  • demonstrating empathy for the poor, marginalised, weak and less fortunate

Creating a strong learning culture

  • challenging students to achieve their academic potential
  • prioritising the differentiation of the curriculum through recognising gender difference within learning styles
  • providing a unique co-educational learning model, as well as single sex classes in core subjects
  • providing a relevant and engaging curriculum that is student centred, flexible and challenging

Developing caring relationships

  • creating a safe, welcoming environment for all
  • fostering a community that embraces diversity
  • valuing leadership as a form of service to others
  • being a people ‘Inspired by Christ’

Strengthening community links

  • building on existing relationships with the All Saints Parish
  • playing a central transition role within the All Saints ‘community of schools’ (All Saints Primary School, All Saints Senior College, Casula)
  • forging strong connections with the local community