Heather & Thistle Society

(A Scottish Cultural Organization)

Volume 13, Issue 4    

March, 2013


Jim Monteith


Chieftain – Richard Dickson

Sub-Chieftain – James Monteith

Sgt.-at-Arms – James Monteith

Secretary – Dr. Walter May                  Treasurer – Dr. Walter May

Committee Chairs:

Sunshine-Irene Boyd

Membership-Dr. Walter May

Past Chieftains-Robert Boyd

Burns Supper- Linda Biddle         



The Chieftain’s Letter – March 2013


We held a successful Burn’s Supper on 26th January. It was of a different form from previous suppers and it gave a chance for past chieftains and others an opportunity to tell the people there about what the Society has meant to them over the past 60 years. It was moving to hear their thoughts and experiences. There were seventeen past and present chieftains present.

Winding up the Society

The Heather and Thistle Society will cease to be on 31st March.

The property has mostly been distributed to past chieftains and other members. The Robert Burns Club also received a number of items that will assist in their future events. All that now remains is to hand over the remaining tartan poles and stands to the Houston Highland Games Association.

It has been decided to disburse the funds of the society as follows:

The Future

All members are encouraged to support the Houston Highland Games coming up over the weekend of April 27th and 28th. I will be presenting the Christie Cup to the HHGA to be used as an annual award for an appropriate event in the games.


I would like to thank the committee and the many others that have helped get us through this challenging year.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the 60th chieftain.

Chieftain Richard Dickson (1st row bottom) hosts sixteen Past Chieftains at

The 60th Heather and Thistle Society Burns Supper.