#21 - For Azeroth!: “The Uncrowned”


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Class Campaign: Rogue (Thanks to Elaine of Shalott)

With our return to the Broken Shore in 7.2, some of you might be wondering how it all went so wrong in the first place… Unless you’re a rogue that is!



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Greetings, Joce and Garrett! I was just catching up on your FAZtastic podcast and write this as I finished listening to your Winter Veil episode. At the end, you mention the Lich King cinematic trailer and it got me wondering, what do you guys think Blizzard has in store for *spoiler alert* the new Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon? We haven't really heard much from him since just after the death of Arthas. In my opinion, it would be a bit repetitive if Bolvar could not contain the Lich King's evil and led the Scourge against Azeroth in the same way that had been done during the third expansion. On the other hand, I feel it would be strange for Blizzard to just leave Northrend and the Jailor of the Damned behind forever. I'd love to hear your take on this.

Thank you to both of you for making Mondays a lot more bearable,


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