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North Carolina Museum of Art (Education dept)

North Carolina Museum of History

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

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Caerus Academy

Heroic University

High School Honors Literature and Science Classes

Marvelous Montessori

Michelle Cave and Noelle Whitley

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Local Museums

North Carolina Museum of Art (Education dept)

Brooke Kesterson


The North Carolina Museum of Art offers a variety of educational resources to help integrate the arts, ranging from gallery tours and online tools to professional development opportunities.

The North Carolina Museum of Art features a diverse art collection, spanning more than 5,000 years from ancient Egypt to the present day, as well as a 164-acre outdoor Museum Park. With gallery tours, professional development workshops, and online resources, teachers and their students can explore and enjoy the Museum, both in the galleries and in the classroom. The NCMA offers a variety of programs and resources, onsite and statewide, to help you teach in and through the arts. Visit ncartmuseum.org and artnc.org to learn more!


North Carolina Museum of History

Jessica Pratt


Learn about our programs that are structured to provide students with meaningful experiences in North Carolina history.

The North Carolina Museum of History offers a variety of educational programs for homeschoolers of all levels. We encourage you to visit the museum for tours, events, and programs such as History Corner and History Hunters. We also help bring history to your home and class through programs such as History-in-a-Box kits, the Tar Heel Junior Historian Association, educator workshops, and more! Please stop by our table to learn more about our programs.


North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Bob Alderink


The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is offering many lab-based classes for homeschoolers in the Nature Research Center wing of the museum. These classes offer students hands-on access to lab equipment and diverse class topics including chemistry, genetics, human body systems, data modeling, and basic biology.


Academic Resources

Caerus Academy

Jim Mueller, Jen Miller, Thomas Hirschman


Professional teachers offering academic opportunities for homeschoolers and independent study students.

The Caerus Academy Initiative was founded by long-time teachers Jen Miller and Jim Mueller in order to provide an unparalleled learning environment for homeschoolers and independent study students. It is our belief that learning can be great fun. We are dedicated to providing classes taught by inspiring teachers with a passion for teaching the subjects that they love.

Caerus Academy offers middle-school and high school level classes in English/Literature, History, Math and Science.

It is our vision to be able to provide all core academics from 6 - 12 grade, giving students the option to take only one class a la carte, or take all core classes back-to-back, thus eliminating the need to travel from one class setting to the next. We are excited about creating a community of learners in this non-traditional "not-school" environment.  


Heroic University

Carol Cross


What if students were as dedicated to their classes as they are to their video games? That's our vision at Heroic University--to redesign classes so that they are as fun and engaging as they are rigorous and instructive. We take some of the elements of video games that makes playing them so addictive and apply them to education. We also use the latest technology to makes classes more individualized and more compelling, while reducing the time required in face-to-face meetings. And our courses are made up not of mere students, but of heroes-in-training. If you are looking for a better way to get tweens and teens reading and analyzing some of the best stories of all time, while discovering their own unlimited possibilities, then maybe Heroic U is for you.  

We are currently accepting enrollments  for the 2015-16 academic year, when we will offer “The Double-A Challenges (Analyzing Archetypes)” for middle schoolers/early high schoolers and “The American Character (US Literature)” for high schoolers.


High School Honors Literature and Science Classes

Kim Ashby


Kim Ashby offers home school high school literature and science classes. Honors Introduction to Literature, Honors American Literature, Honors British Literature, and Honors World Literature classes emphasize interpretive, analytical and critical thinking skills through class discussion, small group activities, and creative projects. Depending on the course, students write analytical, persuasive, comparative and argumentative essays, complete a journal assignment, engage in creative writing projects, and make technology-assisted oral presentations. In preparation for standardized tests, students continue to develop vocabulary and hone comprehension. Grammar, and punctuation review are completed within the context of writing assignments. Goals for these classes include helping students develop an appreciation for literature, develop literary analysis and analytical essay writing skills, and develop oral presentation skills. Additionally, Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology provides an advanced study of the human body’s 11 organ systems. Students will document in a lab notebook all labs, experiments, and dissections. Course includes experiments, microscope work and dissections, including a fetal pig, cow eye and sheep heart. Kim Ashby earned a BS in Nursing and worked as a certified Emergency Department RN with a specialty in trauma nursing. She has 16 years experience as a home educator including 8 years experience teaching home school high school literary analysis classes, Biology and has co-instructed Honors American History, AP European History, and US Government/Economics. Additionally, she tutors Language Arts for high school students from a variety of educational settings.

Marvelous Montessori

Marguerite Rogers


My passion is to incorporate exciting and creative methods of teaching that enhance the students’ learning experience.

I’d like the opportunity to integrate the knowledge I’ve gained from the experiences of working 17 years in Montessori Education with a more global community. My passion is to incorporate exciting and creative methods of teaching that enhance the students’ learning experience. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to providing a peaceful and accepting community in which children can learn.


Michelle Cave and Noelle Whitley

Michelle Cave

Homeschool Science Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops are a combination of lectures, discussions, activities, labs, models, and stories. I use manipulatives as much as possible to help the students understand complex topics. I also introduce note taking and lab skills in a non-stressful, noncompetitive environment. My goal is to teach an understanding of the concepts, not a "rote memorization" or "fill in the blank" style of of learning. The students learn that the sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics; are amazing!


Noelle Whitley

Political Science and History Classes and Workshops

I offer classes and workshops focusing on global issues, political science, sociology, and history. Class formats are seminar and discussion style, using a combination of lecture, group discussion, and media to help students gain a greater understanding of current domestic and global issues through critical thinking skills. Topics include the election process, the Civil Rights movement, the Cold War, global health, and international development. Students are also introduced to academic writing and oral presentation skills. My goal is to create a safe and encouraging atmosphere for students to learn how important it is to understand what is going on in the world, and just how powerful they are to make a difference.


Natural Math

Maria Droujkova


Natural Math is a company and a community of parents, teachers, and students who want to make mathematics their own, and make their own mathematics. Join us in open online courses, local events, crowdsourced books, and other ways to reinvent mathematics education with and for children.

Natural Math, founded in 2001, places the maker approach at the center of its mathematics education philosophy. The organization’s motto is “Make math your own, to make your own math.” Physical and virtual modeling opens rich and brave math adventures. For example, families with toddlers do projects on symmetry and tessellations, four-year-olds design function machines, and six-year-olds build models of infinity, fractals, and limits. Natural Math has proven track record in curriculum and experience design, in grant-supported and commercial R&D, in national and international leadership among Math Circles, and in building online communities for mathematical education. When it comes to mathematics and children, what are your dreams? Many parents and teachers we have asked dream about children enjoying the beauty of mathematics, using mathematics to solve their own and the humanity’s problems, and sharing fun mathematics with friends. Many worry about math anxiety, math tests making their kids sick, or social injustice in the access to math power. Our goal is to help you, your families, and your communities to deal with mathematical worries, and to make mathematical dreams come true.


Young Writers' Institute

Casey Izzet


Young Writers' Institute is a community of young authors who learn, share, and grow together through the written word.

Young Writers' Institute is dedicated to helping its students become organized and effective communicators. We offer classes, workshops, private tutoring, and camps for homeschoolers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. In class, students work to build skills in grammar and structure, vocabulary, and composition. Our classes are perfect for both reluctant and eager writers, as each student is met at his or her current level and led to grow from there. Small class sizes guarantee plenty of individualized attention in an engaging and stress-free environment. Teaching writing can be a challenge for homeschoolers, and we are here to help!


Additional Resources

Cary Imperial Allstars

Chantel Johnson and Alex Moore


Competitive cheerleading and dance teams and drama classes

We offer classes for dancing, cheerleading and drama for different levels and help to get the kids ready to perform in front of others.


KatieBeth's Learning Garden

Mary Margaret O'Melia; Wendy Weber


KatieBeth's sells new and consigned homeschooling materials, including books, learning tools, and natural toys. We also offer lots of hands-on classes on many topics for homeschoolers, ages 5-18.

KatieBeth's is primarily a retail resource store that sells new and consigned learning materials and natural toys. In addition to selling a wide range of homeschooling materials, we host classes in our "back room", a classroom with flexible seating and a huge whiteboard. These classes, taught by various teachers, are for students ages 5 through 18. Topics for classes range from hands-on science to mythology to high-school civics. You can find our latest offerings at:


Middle Creek Community Center

Middle Creek Community Center, one of the three community centers operated by the Town of Cary, provides opportunities for you to engage in your community through fitness classes, recreation activities, camps, athletic programs and other events.

Middle Creek Community Center sponsors a wide variety of academic and athletic classes, camps or mini-camps, and special events. Many are held during the day, making them perfect for homeschoolers and tracked-out students.  


Norris Music Studio

Elizabeth Norris


Norris Music Studio is home studio offering piano, flute, and voice lessons. My purpose is to educate and inspire children and adults to create beautiful music in a relaxed, individualized environment.  

Now welcoming new students for immediate and summer lessons!!

♫ Fourteen years of experience

♫ Instruction in piano, flute, and voice in a relaxed home setting

♫ Located in NW Cary, NC (Near Harrison Avenue and Evans Road)

♫ Beginning and experienced students

♫ Saturday and after-school times currently available

♫ Morning lessons available in June, 2015

♫ Two recital opportunities per year

♫ Reasonable rates at $20 per individual, weekly lesson


Wake Robotics

Linda Whipker


Wake Robotics is a local nonprofit whose mission is to engage families and individuals of all ages in exploring, learning and leading through science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

Wake Robotics is a community of people who believe in engaging the youth and others in our community in exploring and learning new technologies, engineering and the arts. These provide the focus for developing 21st century skills of leadership, collaboration, communication, team building, and public speaking.

We’re collaborative, 100% volunteer-based, and working very hard to move into new facilities in downtown Cary in the fall of 2015. While we’re going through that process, we’re still doing our “every day” activities of building giant 3D printers, racing WrOBOTS in parks, designing robots and playing with Makey Makeys to take subversive cat photos.